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    How many Fords have you owned?

    Unfortunately no pics of the 50's cars, many on the "web" though.
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    PTU drain plug drill and tap

    Others who have analyzed the Ford PTU issue say the real problem is the proximity of the PTU to high heat producing devices like the CAT and other parts. This heat "cooks" the oil and eventually turns it into a lump of carbon, destroying the bearings and then the gears. I had the PTU fluid changed at 35K miles in my 2018 Taurus, and it was timely according the technician who did the change. Interestingly I went to my dealer's service dept and asked for the service to be done and was discouraged from doing so, not necessary I was told.
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    How many Fords have you owned?

    12 if I remember, starting from way back: 1951 Ford 2 door 1952 Meteor into which I installed a 1957 Desoto 341 Cu Inch Hemi and Torqueflite automatic Transmission 1981 Mercury Capri RS 1986 Mercury Sable 1991 Mercury Sable 1993 Thunderbird (V6) 1997 Thunderbird - swapped in a 2001 Mustang engine, supercharged it, beefed up the automatic transmission - killer stereo - went drag racing. 2005 Mustang GT - installed Whipple Supercharger, modified the transmision, high stall torque converter, 3:55 gears, Watts Link. Won a few drag races and trophies 2012 Mustang GT - Edelbrock supercharger - 690 HP Dynoed - motor blew replace engine and sold supercharger traded for 2015 Mustang GT Automatic Ruby Red Metallic 2018 Taurus LTD 2021 Edge SEL