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    Touchscreen and sound stops working while driving

    I don't have a solution for you... unfortunately. Have you tried a reset? Not the one that the manual describes but if you contact Ford, they should be able to give you the "master" reset. I had a '13 Edge with a similar issue that started to happen with about 37K miles on it. I would start the car only to see nothing on the screen plus no sound whatsoever. The ONLY way I could make it go away is literally parking and turning off the car for about 10 minutes. I quietly reached out and scoured the internet for similarities. At that moment, I decided to trade the car in rather than deal with Sync issues. YOUR issue sounds heat related? I'm thinking you are out of warranty? If not, tell your wallet to ready itself for an expensive fix if a Sync update doesn't solve the problem. I wish I could be more positive. Good luck.
  2. Thanks, akirby. However, all notifications are enabled and messages still don't show up. Unless there is a hidden Android setting someplace, I'm at a total loss. Where commonality exists between this phone and my old Samsung S4, the settings are the same. Part of the issue is that the phone and OS are new, so there's not a lot of user support out there. Under the wireless & networks settings - bluetooth - SYNC, message access is turned on. Ain't working though. As for the second issue, the voip services come through a "connect" app on the phone. I've noticed of late some stability issues with the app. Somes I'll see calls, sometimes not. Do you know how often Ford updates their compatibility list? Any searches I do seem to pop suggestions for the new SYNC. Orphaned already. :-)
  3. tloewenberg

    Sync Gen 2 V3.8 SiriusXM Freeze Issue

    Shaay, my guess is that you are suffering less and less with your Lions as the season progresses. It goes without saying that I've tossed in the purple Vikings towel. Stafford is looking exceptionally good!! All the best, TL
  4. My wife and I just upgraded our smart phones from Samsung Gal S4s to Google Pixels running the Android Nougat OS. I've noticed two immediate differences. We have our home phones (VOIP) simultaneously ring to the smart phones allowing us to take a call even if not at home. With the S4, I would get the ring thru bluetooth on SYNC and could take the call. SYNC seemed to detect the call as a bluetooth stream (?), maybe because it was coming from the phone? Regardless, that no longer works. Also, I used to see phone text messages on the phone SYNC screen, as well. When I initially connect the Pixel phone to SYNC, I would get blasted with every text I had on the phone regardless of whether the msg had been read or not. Now, I notice that I get nothing except a pop-up on the SYNC screen saying that the phone is not compatible for messaging. I went to the Ford owners website and checked the SYNC phone compatibility section and the HTC manufactured for Google, Pixel phone is not listed. If anyone has any insight into V3.8 SYNC compatibility with the Google Pixel phone running Nougat, I would appreciate your sharing. BTW, other phone functions, i.e. call related seem to work fine other than occasionally, the phone doesn't wake up and I need to place the call a second time before it works.Thanks.
  5. tloewenberg

    Sync Gen 2 V3.8 SiriusXM Freeze Issue

    Thanks akirby and Shaay. Needless to say I was pleased, sort of, when I started the car a third time and the issue cleared. It was about 20 minutes from onset to turning off the first time. And when I restarted the car, the system was still locked up in the entertainment module. Occasional quirks happen but I don't want to get to the point to where I seem to be waiting for a shoe to drop. Hi Shaay, yes, all is mostly well, even my Vikings are winning. Hope the same goes for you! I said before in my last Sync episode and will reiterate again, I'm certainly grateful for the cooperative nature of the dealership on which I rely. Interstate Ford (especially Jeff and Adrian in the service bay) is a smallish dealer in Dacono, CO and I do believe that some work harder than others for our business. Good guys. Thanks! TL
  6. I have a 2013 Limited and am running Sync with Travel Link (sic?), SiriusXM, and Nav. Last week, I was driving around listening to SiriusXM and the console screen was on SiriusXM. Suddenly, I had no sound coming out of the system and the screen was frozen. I couldn't select another channel, couldn't go to Nav, or another mode. I could turn the entertainment power off, but nothing else. I got to my destination and verified the condition. I turned the car off for 15 minutes while I ran into a store. When I returned and started the vehicle, nothing had changed. Still frozen. I took a deep breath, removed the nav SD card and a thumb drive and master reset the system. Still no change. Called my dealer who unfortunately couldn't get me in on the day. I was concerned because the next morning I was taking off for what would amount to 3 days of driving and maybe without a system. I did make an appt with the dealer to have the system checked out when I return. Then, I made another stop and when I returned to the car, I was pleased to see that "all was well." The system was now operating just like it was supposed to. I had regained all the functionality. Of course, I still had to reprogram all the SiriusXM presets and the nav favorites and previous destinations were blank, but more importantly, all was well. I did the driving as planned, about 1700 miles and there were no incidents of any kind. I stopped at the Ford dealer who I made the appt with (Interstate Ford in Dacono, CO, all good guys by the way) and suggested that the appt would be a waste of time given the current state of the system. They reluctantly agreed and we decided to "watch" it to see if the problem returned. Have any of you experienced anything like this? I don't think it's heat related since the problem didn't reappear during the drive. What else could cause the software (?) to lock up like that? Could it be SiriusXM related? Got me stumped. I can't think of anything to point to and therefore, I'm concerned that it will be one of those comes and goes things?
  7. Possibility, it could be mold? In any event, as a 2016, I would definitely make it the dealer's problem before trying my own fixes.
  8. tloewenberg

    Vista Roof open

    I definitely agree with the other posters. I'm on my second Edge, a Limited. This car and my former 2008 SEL, also with the sun-roof, all exhibit(ed) the same characteristics.
  9. tloewenberg

    Sunroof ford defect

    You mentioned that you were at the dealership service dept prior to original warranty expiration. Was it for the sunroof? If so, I would try and make a case through the district Ford rep that the issue originated while under warranty and that Ford should address it. If they blow you off, there's always arbitration if the original issue was documented on the service record. I have a '13 Limited and I have only had one minor issue besides a bungled software update, but I 'always' have issues documented on the service invoice regardless of how minor just in case they manifest themselves later on. Good luck. $2600 sucks.
  10. tloewenberg

    Backup Camera/Door Adjar after software update?

    No, to the best of my knowledge, I don't know of any way to "uninstall" an update. I suggest you contact your dealer.
  11. Ha-ha! Don't take this the wrong way, but you replied to a 10 page topic on the very issue you are asking about. By all means, read the threads and I think you will be well suited to contact your dealer. Actually, if you are still under warranty, I wouldn't hesitate. In simple terms, IMHO, Ford's error checking / self diagnostic for the 3.8 load is totally lacking! MFS told me all was well and it wasn't. And.... you cannot reload once the system thinks all is well. Call your dealer. And good luck.
  12. tloewenberg

    Potential 2013 Edge owner. Any advice??

    I have a 2013 Limited Edge and aside from a MFT issue with the latest software update. I've been pleased with the purchase. I also have the panoramic roof and wouldn't have bought without it. Add to your list the backup camera. Not sure would package it's part of. You will learn to not want to be without it quickly. I have averaged 22.1 mpg consistently since owning the car. I bought it new as 13 leftover. It will likely be paired with the 3.6L (?) V6. Don't expect a rocket off the line. With the AWD, it is a modest accelerator, at best. All in all, I think you will enjoy the car. Lastly, buy the Tuxedo Black! Quick update: At 33K miles, my Edge sprang the dreaded PCU leak. I'm just glad I caught it while the car was under warranty. A poster later has the opinion that it has something to do with personal driving habits. I couldn't disagree more! My 2008, a AWD SEL, also had the same problem. I have a 1/2 doz friends who own AWD Edges, only one has managed to avoid the issue.
  13. tloewenberg

    2015 Edge Sport b-pillar rattle

    Nick, what did you use as an information source to navigate the myriad of clips and panels?
  14. tloewenberg

    2015 Edge Sport b-pillar rattle

    ducrider, it's a risk, reward consideration. Take it on yourself, and take the chance of making matters worse, not finding the source, or breaking a clip or something. All has the same result, still got the rattle and the dealer may charge you for the fix. Or.... rolling the dice and assigning the dealer the responsibility. I would choose the latter, if not for any other reason than accountability. Besides, you may luck out and find out that you aren't the first and they know what to do.
  15. The system has a similar reaction whenever it senses a bluetooth stream from my Android phone even though there isn't one. Whenever our at home land line rings, we get notification on our mobile phones. Sync interprets the fwd'ng ring as a BT stream, jumps from whatever I have selected to the phone even though there is nothing there. In order to resume listening to the previous source, I have to manually re-select it from the MFT screen.