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  1. I was considering upgrading my stock halogen headlights to a HID system. I was looking at this system from https://www.xenonhids.com/dual-beam-hi-lo-9012-full-xenon-hid-conversion-kit.html?i=y3ezje If you could please advise if this is a good system to use to upgrade with. Also, I recently bought two new key fobs. I only have one key fob that was paired to the car. I put the vehicle in pairing mode and got the keys to lock/unlock the vehicle, remote start and panic all work great. However, the keys will not start the vehicle. When I try to use the key,the acc mode comes on just fine and then when turned over to start it says starting system failure. Did I do something wrong during pairing? I do not have the push to start nor do I have a power lift. The key and fob are all one unit. Thank you for the help.
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    HID Upgrade 2013 Edge

    Thank you, I was not aware of this. I appreciate the help and guidance.