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  1. Thank you! I would greatly appreciate any pictures or tips you find out during your repair. Also maybe break down at the end how much it cost when all said and done. I have a quote for $575 right now for both driver and passenger side replacement. I’d also love to know if it solves the noise you were hearing
  2. Let me know how you make out? I took mine to a fire dealership and they did an inspection of the entire front end and found no issues. I even specified my my concern with the CV axels. They found an extremely small leak in the power steering pump but said it’s something that can just be monitored every inspection to see if it’s worsen. Still thinking about doing the axels myself if it’s not too hard.
  3. That’s a great idea! I called a mom and pop shop yesterday and he ball parked over $1k for job, I thought that seemed kind of high. Especially with you showing me that link where they will come out and do the repair for $600. I’d like to be around $300-400 (if not cheaper) but not sure that is possible.
  4. Looks like for my area it would be closer to $600
  5. @enigma-2 do you mind me asking which location you used when searching that quote. That seems very reasonable. Would you recommend getting this done at a ford dealership or would you feel comfortable getting this repair done pretty much anywhere? Thanks!
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience getting their CV Axel's replaced at the Dealership (Or any Mechanic's Shop)? If so could you please share some information on the matter: how long it took, how much it costed, any kind of warranty with the repair, etc? I am starting to think that mine will need to be replaced soon on my 2011 Ford Edge SEL AWD, it only has 85,000 miles but I am starting to hear a clicking noise when turning the wheels left to right at slow speeds Thank you all in advance!
  7. @enigma-2 I'm not exactly sure, It was done at the Dealership so i would assume OEM replacements or at least a reputable brand
  8. @handfiler I’m not sure if the upper strut mount bearings were replaced. But I don’t recall hearing this noise at all before expect in the last couple of weeks. The strut noise was the usual clunking, but after both were replaced I recall a period of time where there was no noise. Both struts were replaced less than 6 months ago. Thanks
  9. Hello, I was wondering if anybody has had experience with CV axel issues? I have a slight creaking noise in my 2011 Ford Edge SEL while turning my wheel at very slow speeds and am curious if this could be the issue. My vehicle has 84,000 miles and just had both front struts replaced so I can eliminate that being the potential issue. If anybody who has experienced this issue could help me with the diagnosis I would greatly appreciate it. As well as anybody who has gotten these replaced, if you could please shed some light on how much this repair costs. Thank you!
  10. Hello, I saw another forum post about this topic but unfortunately it has not been active for multiple years. I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL and unfortunately have been plagued with the black display screen. From what I have read it sounds like I have (like everyone else) a bad APIM. I was wondering if anyone had any idea on suggestions for an economical replacement or repair for this issue. I am also interested in purchasing or trading if anyone has a replacement that is on this forum (please let me know if not allowed and will edit post). Also if anyone can provide links or model numbers for a direct replacement. Thank you for all of your help in advance! 2011 Ford Edge SEL Vin: 2FMDK4JC8BBA94640 8 inch screen with Navigation