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    wheel hub removal for wheel stud replacement?

    A dealership would work, except I broke my stud on a Sunday and wanted to complete the work that day. No dealerships around me have parts department hours on a Sunday. Also, when you re-read the section of 98drotpa's post that you quoted, you'll see that he tried the dealership and they didn't have any in stock. Glad you were able to add something of value to the post.
  2. PSUFetch

    wheel hub removal for wheel stud replacement?

    I can't say this is the way the Edge is designed, but with my Mazda, when I broke a stud, I was able to remove it without removing the hub. The stud was press-fit into the hub. You can either use a punch and hammer it out, or a c-clamp and press it out. I put the new stud into the hub and threaded a lug over it. I had to buy a lug that is open at the top, not one of the "nice" looking ones that come with the car. I then used an impact driver to tighten the lug and pull the stud into the hub. Again, I don't know if the Edge is designed the same way, but it might be worth taking a look. I called a few different auto parts stores until I could find one that had them. Good luck
  3. The factory tow package includes a 4-pin connector for a trailer. It's near the hitch. The previous owner may have tucked it up under the rear facia.
  4. The hitch is a 1.25" hitch. You are used to seeing a 2" hitch on other vehicles. You will have to buy your own ball mount and hitch ball as the size of the ball is determined by the trailer you are towing. With the factory tow package, you can tow up to 3500 lbs with your Edge.
  5. I've been using this stuff on my motorcycles for 10 years... Honda Spray Polish You can use it on all surfaces. You spray it on, let it sit for a 20-30 seconds and then wipe off. I use it on the plastic, metal and glass on my motorcycle and helmet. You can pick it up at your local Honda motorcylce dealer and save the shipping costs. I've never washed any of my bikes, just spray this on and wipe it off. There are others that swear by S100, but I've never personally used it.
  6. PSUFetch

    Towing Question

    If you are really worried, you can take it to a truck stop and weigh the Edge and trailer. Then use the scale a second time to weigh the Edge alone. subtract the wieght of the Edge form the total weight and you'll have the weight of your trailer with nothing on it. While I think you'll be fine for towing the bike, it probably wouldn't hurt to know the weight of the trailer so you can use it for towing other things in the future like trips to Home Depot or when you get roped into helping someone move. I called a nearby Interstate truck stop and they said it would be $9 to weigh my edge and travel trailer. For less than $20 you can have some piece of mind.
  7. PSUFetch

    Voice Volume when Navigating

    In our 2008, you can control the nav voice by turning the volume now while the nav voice is speaking. If you time it so that you adjust while the nave voice is speaking, the radio and other commands stay the same. Maybe there is a change with the 2011's, but have you tried changing the volume only when the nav voice is speaking?
  8. PSUFetch

    Burning Smell?

    Primetime, Have you been using the same dealership for all the repair attempts? If so, please tell me that you are at least using a different dealership for attempt 7.
  9. You can definitely install the hitch regardless of having the tow package or not. As for towing 2500 pounds, the manual states that the max towing is 1500 (i believe) if you don't have the towing package. It's a judgement call if you want to tow your trailer or not. You'll have to factor in terrain and frequency of towing to make a descision.
  10. I've got a Compustar in our 2008 Edge. I would highly recommend that you get a 2 way starter. It lets you know that the car successfully started without actually having to see it. It's helpful when starting the car from a long distance. I belive the range on this one is approx 3000 feet. The controller was programmed by the installation shop to do everything the factory remote does (lock, unlock, tailgate, panic). They could have also done things like the seat heaters and rear defroster, but I didn't want to pay the extra money to have them install those features. If I was an installer like baum, I would definitley done it, but I was quoted approx $75 per option and I decided it wasn't worth it.
  11. PSUFetch

    Burning Smell?

    I just had the PTU seal replaced on my 2008 Edge at 31,000 miles. The burning smell started a few thousand miles ago and it would occasionally smoke. The new seal was replaced with part number 8T4Z 7275 DC. The work order says that TSB 092507B was used.
  12. PSUFetch

    Edge Sport with Bridgestone Blizzak tires

    I had Blizzaks on my car (not the Edge) and they are exactly as you describe. The Blizzaks are made of a dual compund. The first 60% is a very soft and spongy rubber that has many sipes to give the water a place to go. That's what makes them such a good ice tire. I went from 17" wheels with Toyo T1-s tires in the usmmer to 16" wheels with the Blizzaks and they turned my Mazda6 into a Buick.
  13. PSUFetch

    Rear Wheel Bearing Noise

    I had the driver's front bearing replaced with approx 25,000 miles on my 2008 Edge AWD. No problems with the rear so far. It was covered under warranty with no issues.
  14. I just noticed this happening with our 2008. The volume would increase, even if pressing the volume "-" button. I didn't plan on taking it to the dealer yet because it's been very intermittant. Akirby, Can you elaborate on your respose a little? Thanks,
  15. I agree, I think it might be a bad relay contact. Without having a wiring schematic, I would assume that the headlight switch pulls in the coil of a 2 pole relay and each pole feeds a headlight. To save some time and aggravation, you might want to try replacing the relay since they are relativey cheap and easy to replace. It's also possibly that the brown wire with the stripe has come loose where it conencts to the relay base.