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  1. dabangsta

    Mpg caliper covers

    I think that AWD got the larger rotor. I can't find the official Ford tech specs for a 2017 but for 2019 FWD was 315mm, and AWD was 345mm rotors (and ST having 2 different style discs, and larger rear discs).
  2. I would deal with this when I would lift the wipers off the windshield of my 2017 Escape when washing it (can't do that with the Edge, they don't clear the back of the hood), and sometimes it would take 10 starts for them to stop adjusting. Same if they remove them to swap out the battery (you can remove the cowl do it, but then more often than not this happens). The process is to have the wiper arms off the shafts, turn on the wipers and let the shafts cycle a few times then shut them off, then put the arms back on where they should be in resting position. So yes, it is sorta a reset of the motor.
  3. Seems more like condensation than a full on water/coolant leak into the crank case. Do you live in a humid climate, do lots of cold starts, and possible not get it up to temp and keep it up to temp for your drives? I would get water emulsion on the oil fill cap on a few of my cars in the colder but not frozen parts of the year.
  4. dabangsta

    HELP 2009 crank but wont start

    I am pretty sure that if it was an anti-theft/PATS/security issue that it wouldn't even crank, and when they pulled codes they would have gotten a security related one. If the code reader didn't complain about not able to access the PCM, then it likely has power. With no key in, anti-theft should blink every 2 seconds. With key just turned to Run (before attempting to start), it should stay solidly lit for 3 seconds, then shut off. If it remains on, or blinks rapidly, then there is a PATS/SecuriLock issue. The CEL/Check Engine Light/Service Engine Soon should be on solid when key is turned to on, and should remain lit while cranking, and extinguish once it is running. If it blinks or remains on after running...well, you aren't getting that far.
  5. dabangsta

    HELP 2009 crank but wont start

    How many miles are on it? Do you hear the fuel pump when you turn the key to Run before attempting to start? In my experience with higher mileage EFI cars fuel pump has been to most common cause of this. My Grand Marquis gave me clues like longer to crank before starting, and not starting unless being jumped by an other vehicle or a jump box, but I kept driving it, and eventually it left me stranded. I got 199,000 miles out of that fuel pump, I wanted to get 200k but it decided otherwise. I only got 120,000 out of the fuel pump in my 1989 Cougar.
  6. Picking what tools, spares, and handy items I want to keep under the cargo floor, around the spare tire. In my 2017 Escape it was pretty shallow, so I had to split up tool kits usually. The Edge is much deeper, so I could put stuff back in their blow molded cases. But I fired up the CAD program, and the 3D printer, and started making holders for things. Keep stuff together, and not rattle. I like this extending lug wrench, and I like having the most commonly needed ones, even though for my vehicle, I only need one. The 3 spare lug nuts (for $1 more the seller had a 23 pack for Jeeps...3 extra for the spare mount). I tried a surround style holder, but found I could easily replicate the M14x1.5 threads with my printer: Some more of the stuff I am making holders for. The flashlight is nice because we all know that batteries in a device frequently leak and kill the device. Once I get everything in a place, I will post it. I don't really consider this emergency stuff, but when I go places I always get tapped to fix stuff, and I hate dealing with other peoples tools (or lack of), but rope, tie downs, zip ties, rain ponchos, gloves, etc are nice and handy sometimes.
  7. No TSB, it is an SSM. I don't know if this covers the failure you are reporting or not. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2021/MC-10198658-0001.pdf Is more 2019+ related I guess, and a possible fault code: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2021/MC-10201053-0001.pdf
  8. dabangsta

    Sync/NAV updates gone haywire

    Have you tried a soft reset? Soft reset I think is FWD Seek (>>) button held and power button held for 5 seconds until the screen blacks out, then release. Since all my time in SYNC is with Android Auto, I have never really tried the SYNC 3 voice commands. I did with my 2017 Escape that had the same version (up to 3.0) and I could get simple things like "Bluetooth Audio" to work, but never really did much else. If I would have played more music from a thumb drive I would have used it more, and I might with my Edge.
  9. dabangsta

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    I hate(d) the capped lug nuts. I bought some fairly cheap solid metal chromed ones that are bulge acorn and replaced them all. They have been on there for 200 miles, checked twice and none have been "loose", I don't think I need to get the super wide bulge ones, I removed some and checked and they seem to seat just fine. Might be tougher if I was starting with a loose wheel and putting the first one on. Only a couple could I get the OEM lug wrench on more than 1/4 of the way on, I had to take my time and wiggle it on to get enough bite to get them off, and it only has 1000 miles on the second set of tires.
  10. dabangsta

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    My 2019 SEL will lock or unlock if I have the fob with me and I touch the top (lock), or put my hand behind the handle (unlock) on the rear doors. Must have been deleted for...2022?
  11. dabangsta

    2016 Edge w/2.0 throttle body issue

    They look significantly different I think a visual check might help. The -D revision seems to be for older non turbo cars (it superscedes a 2009 part number) as well as more recent 2.5 gas, 2.0/2.5 hybrids, and the 2.7 in cars. I also don't think that TSB covers the Edge with the 2.0, just the Edge with the 3.5 (and that AT4Z-9E926-B TB that is $45).
  12. I'll top off the fluid and watch it and see if I have this going on. Seems likely on this thread, but I would've thought if there was a coolant leak, my level would be a lot lower? The "coolant intrusion" issue generally only leaks coolant into the cylinders, and wouldn't show up as coolant in the oil. Did the spark plug from 2 look cleaner than the others? I still wouldn't associate your symptoms with the coolant leaking into the cylinders, 1 inch of coolant in the reservoir is probably close to a quart if it anything like my 2017 Escape (which I added maybe a pint to twice in 90k miles, it had the 1.5 which is even more likely to have issues). I am wondering what the dealer checked other than trying to duplicate the miss. They should have done the coolant combustion/pressure check which would tell you a lot.
  13. Remote start from the fob is different than remote start from the FordPass app. My last 2 cars had FordPass but no remote start from the fob. Looks like a module needs upgraded in addition, there is a 2015+ thread here on how someone did it.
  14. dabangsta

    Door Sill Protection Ideas

    There are also clear options. I found some 2.75 (70mm) wide stuff that cover the horizontal sill and .5 inches down the vertical. I am not sure how well it will work as I haven't gotten it in yet. I also ordered some carbon fiber look cheapo stuff, I think it would look okay on any color, mine is Magnetic so probably not stand out as much as on white. I wish they didn't call the plastic part a scuff panel and the vertical part a kick panel, because everyone else in my household scuffs the heck out of them, I am more worried about how crappy those will look in the near future than the painted sill.
  15. No hitch from the factory means no factory tow package means no trailer sway control means 2,000 pounds towing which is not enough for that trailer you list. In the message center (the four way button with OK on the left of the steering wheel), if you go to Settings>Driver Assist, Trailer Sway Control would be listed if it is available.