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  1. Are they LED lights? Is it the factory towing or added on hitch and wiring? Are the lights at full intensity when the car is off, or are the very dim? I have had this issue with LED things and current bleed, where the controller has a tiny bit of current to sense and that is enough to dimly light LEDs. At night they look brighter than you would think, during the day sometimes not even able to tell.
  2. dabangsta

    phone hookup

    I found my previous vehicle finicky with Apple products and cables (it was a Ford Escape, same SYNC system as your Edge). I found that they tended to break near the ends or become intermittent. Even pricy Apple ones, so I once I found ones I liked for cheap from China, I ordered a few. I get them with the 90 degree ends, and most of them are short so the phone goes into the cubby (screen side down since I have wireless charging which makes the phones overheat). I would try another cable first, maybe the other port if you have 2 of the same.
  3. Overall I wish mine didn't have it. In theory it is nice, having arms full of stuff to put in the cargo area, swipe of the a foot and it opens for you. Realistically I never get it right the first 5 attempts. I get my dog on the leash and out of the carrier in the cargo area, they get on the ground, walk under the bumper and it closes. I am hosing it off and it opens while it is wet and I have a hose pointed at it.
  4. dabangsta

    2017 3.5 v6 transmission fluid

    Lots of people swear they need to do the transmission fluid changes every 30/40k miles (about 60,000km) with the 6F35 (yours has the 6F50 I think). On my vehicle with the 6F35 I did it at 60,000 miles and 85,000 miles as it is not shifting very well. I am sure your environment is even hotter than mine (I was stationed in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, but I live in the American Desert and we frequently hit 115 degrees) so it might be warranted. I would not say it is too late to do it, and frequently at 240,000km the dealers won't change the fluid.
  5. I agree, you probably have 95% of the hardware needed, and the software (I think you need revision 2.2 or higher) to support Android Auto and with a new USB hub/ports Apple CarPlay wired. I think there is some confusion with both the far away image of the center stack and the custom image shown on the far away picture. 2016 was the first year for the Edge (and quite a few other Fords) for SYNC 3. While the 2.2 and 3.0 version of the software that Ford distributes for your year, many install the latest 3.4 using a side way to install it. 3.4 is much more responsive than the 3.0 it maxes out on.
  6. It does sound like actuators are worn out, unfortunately they are a latch/actuator package, so a bit more involved to replace and more expensive. I would verify the wiring connector on the drivers door, it the connector to the door module or the master switch are questionable might be low power going to them, I assume same happens from the interior door lock/unlock (electronic).
  7. dabangsta

    Towing a 2024 Edge

    Don't do it. Any with the 2.0 are not flat or dolly towable. The 2.7 can be flat 4 towed, I don't know if that includes dolly or not, but I don't think it does. Download the owners manual for it, but best is all four on a trailer.
  8. I am surprised you were able to get 3.4 on your 2017 Escape from Ford, and not using the Cyanlabs updater. Also 2017 didn't have SEL, so it must be a 2018? Should be able to use the same USB drive updater on both.
  9. dabangsta

    Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck - Transmission

    Depends on the year, but you use most of the words from this TSB (buck, jerk): https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2021/MC-10203649-0001.pdf It is 1 hour labor to read the strategy and flash the PCM if you are not covered by the factory warranty or extended warranty.
  10. dabangsta

    Code B10F1:14-08

    Do you have an issues, like key in ignition chime never works or it doesn't stop when you remove the key with the door open, intermittent or never tries to start when you turn the key? Usually it needs a replacement Ignition Switch (not the lock cylinder).
  11. Glad you got it sorted, too bad it wasn't something like a disconnected connector or a reset, but it was the part you bought and replaced. I wouldn't survive 10 minutes without tunes.
  12. I think that 2011-2012 that it was pull, not push. You pull it back far enough for it to "click" for high beams, or only slightly for "flash to pass". Weird that it isn't the normal, and not what previous or since Edge's or most Fords work. If you have a wall on front of you, this is low beam (note the cut off line, I also have the fog lights on...and this is a different vehicle but has halogen projectors and not bi-halogen that is why the cut off remains for the high beams): and high beams have a much bigger hot spot:
  13. dabangsta

    New to Me 2022 Ford Edge Titanium

    Welcome! After 15 months and 18,000 miles I still focus too much on the raised fenders (like this is a pre runner or something) and hate the water puddling dip in the hood. I noticed it switching between a 2012, 2017, and 2019 when I was test driving them. I wish I had the memory settings in my SEL, as I am 5'11" and my wife is 4'10" and I have to stand outside of the car moving the seat back enough to get in. But every previous car I have had that had memory and ease of access the first gadget to die has been the front/back action of the drivers seat, even if we switched the same amount in the other cars, which was weird.
  14. It has been awhile since it happened to me, but I had a cut common trace that I had to repair with a special paint, and I have had the wiring connector pull off. This is where they are on my 2019, I carefully slightly pulled the interior cover on the drivers top of the rear window to expose them.
  15. Yes, you need an upper/plenum gasket set. Should be under $10. I went middle of the ground and ordered them when I ordered the plugs and all other maintenance stuff (no coils, just plugs past the scheduled interval):