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    2016 Edge w/2.0 throttle body issue

    They look significantly different I think a visual check might help. The -D revision seems to be for older non turbo cars (it superscedes a 2009 part number) as well as more recent 2.5 gas, 2.0/2.5 hybrids, and the 2.7 in cars. I also don't think that TSB covers the Edge with the 2.0, just the Edge with the 3.5 (and that AT4Z-9E926-B TB that is $45).
  2. I'll top off the fluid and watch it and see if I have this going on. Seems likely on this thread, but I would've thought if there was a coolant leak, my level would be a lot lower? The "coolant intrusion" issue generally only leaks coolant into the cylinders, and wouldn't show up as coolant in the oil. Did the spark plug from 2 look cleaner than the others? I still wouldn't associate your symptoms with the coolant leaking into the cylinders, 1 inch of coolant in the reservoir is probably close to a quart if it anything like my 2017 Escape (which I added maybe a pint to twice in 90k miles, it had the 1.5 which is even more likely to have issues). I am wondering what the dealer checked other than trying to duplicate the miss. They should have done the coolant combustion/pressure check which would tell you a lot.
  3. Remote start from the fob is different than remote start from the FordPass app. My last 2 cars had FordPass but no remote start from the fob. Looks like a module needs upgraded in addition, there is a 2015+ thread here on how someone did it.
  4. dabangsta

    Door Sill Protection Ideas

    There are also clear options. I found some 2.75 (70mm) wide stuff that cover the horizontal sill and .5 inches down the vertical. I am not sure how well it will work as I haven't gotten it in yet. I also ordered some carbon fiber look cheapo stuff, I think it would look okay on any color, mine is Magnetic so probably not stand out as much as on white. I wish they didn't call the plastic part a scuff panel and the vertical part a kick panel, because everyone else in my household scuffs the heck out of them, I am more worried about how crappy those will look in the near future than the painted sill.
  5. No hitch from the factory means no factory tow package means no trailer sway control means 2,000 pounds towing which is not enough for that trailer you list. In the message center (the four way button with OK on the left of the steering wheel), if you go to Settings>Driver Assist, Trailer Sway Control would be listed if it is available.
  6. 4300k would be warmer, closer to yellow, than 6500k Many find that 6500k is bluish, but the higher the k the bluer, like 9000k
  7. dabangsta

    Intercooler (IC) swap on my 2020 ST ?

    Instrument Cluster. Most refer to it as the IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster). I think this swap is similar to putting the MKZ cluster in a Fusion (but an MKX into Edge?). I am happy with my type 2 setup and speedometer center, my wife hasn't found the digital speedometer in the left side, but she liked it in the Escape with the 2 pods, tach on the left, and speedo on the right.
  8. dabangsta

    Hi from Ontario 🇨🇦

    I had to remove and re-add the vehicle a couple of times into my existing FordPass app (I have 2 vehicles already in it), the dealer said incorrectly that it was because there was no WiFi (it uses cell service) and that it was under a canopy (not an underground bunker with 10 layers of concrete). I couldn't scan the VIN tag so I manually entered it, and the third time I did it I got the prompt on the screen in the car to Allow. I had just done a master reset because I didn't want the previous owner to still have access to the vehicle via FordPass. I think I got ahead of myself by trying the first time in the app before doing the master reset the first time (while waiting for the paperwork to be done and the final detailing done). Once I updated to 3.4 FordConnect reset was removed, I am not sure how it is done with 3.4. The vehicle has to be running, and I don't remember if it was this or getting the door code, but all doors have to be closed.
  9. I would say visit the owners site owners manuals, that has all the manuals (including the full navigation one), but you seem to not like them or be able to find things in them, but maybe a digital version that is searchable would help? https://www.ford.com/support/vehicle/edge/2010/owner-manuals/ My 2019 has hundreds of new things that my 2012 Fusion doesn't, and dozens over my 2017 Escape it replaces, I spent a good few hours figuring stuff out, and as I find new things, I try to figure them out.
  10. dabangsta

    Water pump, early leak detection?

    My 2012 Fusion has the same 3.5, I check the coolant level and the oil (level and if it has water/coolant and milky) every few tanks of gas. I did identify the weep holes but I don't really check them, they are not that easy without really digging in. I did remove the under engine plastic panel as it masked an issue I had with an oil leak.
  11. Again, not sure what this intercooler on a non turbo vehicle is. You can see if in the Vehicle settings you have trailer sway control.
  12. I went to the site from the Navigation manual, which eventually goes to https://ford.navigation.com/home/en_US/FordNA/USD and when I put in 2010 Ford Edge I get the option for North America 2019 map updates for $150, https://ford.navigation.com/product/Catalog/Catalog_Ford_Edge_2010/Ford-Lincoln-Mercury-North-America-Map-Update-V11-0x-Includes-Gracenote-Disc/sku/U2192-0000-811NAM/en_US/FordNA/USD I am pretty sure yours has the DVD (that is not just the DVD for maps but also updates for the navigation). I am just spit balling here, I don't own a vehicle that has this version of navigation or SYNC, but I am pretty sure it is the same as the same genre Lincoln MKZ, I looked into updates when I was looking for a car, when I ended up with my 2012 Fusion (without nav, thank god, it is pretty bad). I assume you have the voice activated navigation with the buttons all around it and the 2 sorta knobs at the top corners? You can probably find older ones on places like eBay, or maybe the current one, not sure.
  13. dabangsta

    Cargo and coutresy lamp - need bulbs

    I thought that all interior bulbs from 2015 to newer are all LED, no separate bulb but it is part of the fixture.
  14. dabangsta

    Water pump, early leak detection?

    Yes, there are 2 weep holes that can show coolant leaking out of them. I hope the coolant isn't green, but Orange (or the Yellow that superseded Orange).
  15. What version of the maps DVD do you have? They did a final V11.0 in 2019 (no more map updates, and limited quantities, but they say it is still in stock).
  16. dabangsta

    Any recommendations maintenance ?

    Is it all up to date for the previously required stuff? Coolant at 105,000? The transmission fluid is 150,000 but that is pretty long. PTU and rear diff also at 150,000 if AWD. Serpentine accessory drive belt also 150,000.
  17. dabangsta

    Hi from the Alberta Foothills.

    Hmm, the manual says that if you don't have the message center you simply select the one you want to reset (by just toggling the trip/reset button), press and hold the trip/reset button until it resets after 2 seconds. If you have the message center, when you have that trip displayed (switch between them using the Info button), the Reset button (along with the Info and Setup buttons) you press and hold until it resets.
  18. There are cheaper places to get a replacement for both, but be aware that with only 1 key, you will need to visit the dealer, or a locksmith to program in that second key, not just getting it cut. Since the remote start is a separate module, that is done separately and requires finding the override/programming button. There are also aftermarket remote starts that use the factory key (you either press lock 3 times, or you alternate lock-unlock-lock) on the factory IKT. I didn't know I had one on my 2015 Fusion until my daughter was trying out the global window close and pressed lock button 3 times instead of lock, then hold lock until they started closing. They do seem a lot more pricey for the 2010 Edge than for cars I have looked for them in the past.
  19. That remote start system was a custom added option (usually they are included with the vehicle and the dealer installs it, but for the 2010 Edge it is installed at the factory it appears) for your year, and there is no integrated solution, you can't get a 5 button IKT (Integrated Keyhead Transmitter) key to replace your 4 button one and have the remote start button work.
  20. dabangsta

    Hi from the Alberta Foothills.

    Welcome! I find just about any question I have answered in the owners manual if it isn't a super secret thing or a very technical thing. I am sure that many here have probably already dealt with some of the things you have questions about though!
  21. On my 2019 with fog lights, the fog light button is to the left of the rotary dial to select off/park/on/auto (and the dash dimmer up and down are on the right of it, fogs replace the down/dim cluster button).
  22. 2011->2018 Edge didn't have fog lights as an available option I don't think. 2007-2010 SEL and higher, and 2019+ SEL and higher do. There are aftermarket fog lights that replace the signature LED lighting with fog lights and LED surrounds (and some are also turn signals). They generally have a full harness and a switch that appears similar to what they look like in fog light equipped vehicles. Seems like some of the steel bumper behind the bumper cover might need modified/cut.
  23. dabangsta

    2023 Edge Order Guide

    From the first 2022 Canada Order Guide published 8/16 it is listed as a change:
  24. dabangsta

    2023 Edge Order Guide

    Same in the US, and same since 2022.
  25. Did it (3.5 V6 not 3.6) come with the factory towing package? If yes, then it is rated to tow 3500 pounds. If no, if you added a hitch and wiring, then the limit is 2000 pounds. The differences include trailer sway control on the towing package, I don't know if it includes extra coolers. Loaded that trailer is around 3,300 pounds (I think...). So you would have to have the factory tow package to tow that trailer, even empty. Since your vehicle isn't turbocharged, it won't have an intercooler. They must mean either external (aux) transmission cooler?