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  1. Well, the dealer ordered the APIM, he concurred with jmr061's diagnosis. I've got the car back, awaiting the part. Getting there wasn't so easy. I brought the car in Tuesday morning, as the appointment called for. They didn't look at the car until today, Friday. I've never experienced that before. They claimed they were incredibly backed up, and had no loaner cars available. I'm not looking forward to when I bring the car back for the installation, to have to go through this again.
  2. normkol

    new 2017 Edge Titanium Owner

    With all the electronics on this vehicle, the ESP is not such a bad purchase. I'm currently experiencing problems with the Sync system on my 2016. If it requires an APIM replacement, as some on this forum think, that is over $1k repair. I'm glad I have the ESP.
  3. Appointment at the dealer for January 14. I'll let you all know what happens.
  4. I do have an extended warranty. This afternoon I did a master reset. I got mixed results, a little better performance but still not what it should be. I'll give it the rest of the week, then make an appointment at the dealer.
  5. Interesting, I have a Motorcraft filter in there now that has the pre-filter. I'll probably be changing it again this spring, I'll have to see what's available.
  6. normkol

    New tires- Pirelli Scorpion Verde

    My Michelins were doing fine, 2016 Edge SEL. Then, I got a nail in a tire in a spot that couldn't be fixed. With 30k on the car, I didn't want to replace just the one tire. So, I got a set of Firestone Destination LE2's. I had just had those put on my wife's Odyssey, and I previously had them on a RAV4. I've always been happy with them. So far, they feel great. I'm just disappointed that the Michelins were wearing well, I think I would have gotten 50k out of them.
  7. I'm not sure you will be able to buy a version without the pre-filter. I went through this when I replaced the filter on my 2016 Edge. It seems all the aftermarket, including Motorcraft, have that pre-filter.
  8. 2016 Edge SEL. I'm on Sync 3.0, build 19205. I didn't do the 19205 update myself, it must have been over the air. The whole Sync system is very sluggish, it can take 10-15 seconds after pushing an on screen choice before it responds. This is all through the Sync system: audio, nav, everything. It was never like this before. The NAV screen freezes often, then takes off with a jolt and catches up. Sometimes, the map goes blank, then reappears. This makes it useless for navigation function. If I do a reset, how far back will it take me? Or any other suggestions. Thanks.
  9. normkol

    Manual key Problem

    Have you tried to lubricate the cylinder? Try a silicone or Teflon spray.
  10. Locksmiths who specialize in auto can provide and program the keys. But, the Ford keys are expensive, if you want an original.
  11. normkol

    Ford Edge Spare Key Cost $350 Dollars

    The emergency key inside the fob is NOT a $350 item, I'm sure they were quoting you for the entire fob, with programming. The link is to the manufacturer, Strattec, and the info on the emergency key. Go to a locksmith and tell them you need this. They may have to order it, but it is available. Strattec
  12. normkol

    Reliable Pressure Gauge?

    I have that Craftsman model and it matches exactly to the reading on the dashboard. So, I only use it now when adjusting the pressure. It's so convenient just looking at the values on the dash.
  13. I use a leaf blower, usually gets rid of most of the leafs and crud.
  14. We have a 2016 Edge SEL and a 2016 Honda Odyssey EXL, my wife drives the Odyssey. We bought them one day after the other. My wife is very jealous of my Edge, the technology is vastly superior to that of her Odyssey. I hate the navigation on the Odyssey, very cumbersome to use and the maps are hard to read. When the grandchildren grow up, she wants to get a Sorento or an Edge. That will be in about two years, we'll see what the cars look like then.
  15. July will be two years for my 2016 Edge, and I'm still on the original wipers. They wipe as well as when new. Last year, when I ordered filters from Rock Auto, I ordered the Motorcraft replacement blades, but I haven't had to use them yet. In over 40 years of car ownership, I've never had wipers last this long.