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  1. normkol

    Auto Stop Start

    I rented a 2022 Edge Titanium in Texas last week, it had ASS. I will say it was much more subtle and quiet than my wife's CRV. I didn't realize I had it until after a day of driving.
  2. Your are right, sorry for taking the picture from inside the car, I have trouble getting to the top. Is is tempered, not laminated.
  3. I don't know, I looked for markings on the glass but didn't see any.
  4. I just joined the group whose sunroof glass cracked, 2016 Edge SEL. I keep the interior shade closed during the summer to keep the sun from heating the interior. Last week, I opened it and voila, two cracks going from front to back. I took it to a friend who owns a body repair shop, he ordered the OEM glass from a Ford dealer, and it's replaced. The glass coverage on my insurance covered the whole cost.
  5. normkol

    2016 6-speed VS 2019 8-speed

    The 2016 engine makes 245hp and 275lb. torque, while the 2019 has been tweaked to 250 and 280. With the addition of the 8 speed automatic, the combination has recorded better acceleration in all the road tests I have read. I have the 2016, it's ok but from what I have read I wish I had the later version.
  6. I recently had my car in to the dealer for the front brake hose recall. I asked them to aim the headlights, as I felt they were high. I often get oncoming drivers flashing their lights at me. They confirmed the lights were aimed high, but wanted $300 to aim them, 2 hours labor. I was kind of shocked at that figure and told them not to do it. I can lower the lights myself, but I don't have the space to do a proper aiming, per the Ford service manual. Anyone else ever get quoted such a high price to aim headlamps?
  7. You can thank Strattec, the company that designs and manufactures these components for Ford and most other USA companies. Also, give yourself a pat on the back for taking all the proper steps to dry out the prox.
  8. I finally got this recall done today. Appointment was made 3 months ago. I also had the PTU fluid changed. I was prepared for them to tell me I needed a new battery, since mine is original at 5 1/2 years. Strange thing is when I brought the car in, the service writer pushed the ignition button once so he could see the mileage, but left it that way. After about 10 minutes, the car jockey came to take the car away and it was dead. Hell of a way to test the battery. So, I had them replace it.
  9. Only when I need to, on a hill pointing up or down. On my first new car, 1972 Toyota Corona with 4 speed, I used it all the time because of the manual tranny. It eventually stretched the cable. Ever since then, I hesitate to overuse the emergency brake.
  10. Wrong forum. Try one of the technical forums for your questions.
  11. I finally got an appointment to have this recall done - January 4, 2022! If I ever buy another Edge, it will not be from this dealer.
  12. Without getting under the dashboard, I do recall that the cover snaps into place securely. I just don't see the need for the screws. Every year when I change the filter, I debate putting the screws back in, but I always do.
  13. I've never seen the need for those screws. I understand the OP says his tabs are broken, maybe he should get a new cover. I feel the tabs alone are sufficient. My wife has a Honda and my daughter has a Toyota. Both use a similar cover with tabs, but no screws. This is one time I think Ford over-engineered the design.
  14. If you buy the Titanium or ST you would be ok. It's interesting that they say there is excessive glare on the low beam SEL. I often get drivers coming towards me flashing their lights at me, as if my high beams are on, which they are not.
  15. Try doing it by voice command.