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  1. normkol

    Sync 3 Map update inquiry

    Ford's policy on map updates really sucks. We recently got a Honda CR-V for my wife. It has the Garmin navigation system. You get 5 years of free updates. Last week I decided to check if there was an update, since the car came with the 2019 maps. Sure enough, I was able to update her car to the 2020 maps, totally free. Ford's $109 update only goes to 1/2018, really not worth it.
  2. normkol

    New Edge Owner

    Welcome to the forum. There's lots to learn here.
  3. normkol

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    I've seen a Youtube of someone removing this battery. When you remove the hold down in the front, you can then slide the battery towards you, making the negative terminal accessible. I haven't actually done this, but I also have a 2016 and expect to be doing this soon, so I'll be interested to hear from someone who has actually changed the battery.
  4. Well, hopefully this saga has come to a happy ending. I got called on Tuesday that the apim was in, scheduled installation for today, Thursday. I waited for it, it seemed much more organized and relaxed at the service department than when I had been there in January. Two hours and it was done. As a bonus, the new apim came with the updated navigation, so I didn't have to pay for that. Just the $50 deductible of my Premiere plan. I just realized, the maps are 1 17, not the latest 1 18. I didn't even know 1 17 existed. It's still a big step up from the 1 14 the car came with.
  5. normkol

    Better check that spare!

    One reason to keep an inexpensive 12VDC compressor in your trunk.
  6. CARR142, how long did it take to get the APIM each time you had it replaced? Btw, bummer that you have had to do it twice. I see in the latest Consumer Reports reliability ratings the Edge gets a poor rating for in-car electronics. It's too bad, since the Sync system is great when it is working.
  7. Latest update... It's now 6 weeks since the part was ordered, still not in. The service advisor, who is not responsive at all (I always have to call him, he has never called me back), is saying he doesn't think the APIM will be covered under the Premium Care extended warranty. I looked at the list of covered components and it shows both navigation and Sync to be covered. He also doesn't know why the part is taking so long to come in. This is going to be fun.
  8. Thanks for the write up. I have 30k on my 2016 2.0L, and this looks like what I will be doing this spring.
  9. Well, here it is two weeks later and still no APIM. The dealer claims Ford does not release these that quickly and it could take a while longer, no exact guess. Has anyone gotten a new APIM from a dealer? If so, how long did it take to get it? This whole mess is getting ridiculous. It's almost a month since I first called for an appointment. It's a good thing I have Android Auto, as I have had to use Waze a couple of times during this. Interestingly, that works fine. I guess the APIM doesn't control the Android Auto apps.
  10. Well, the dealer ordered the APIM, he concurred with jmr061's diagnosis. I've got the car back, awaiting the part. Getting there wasn't so easy. I brought the car in Tuesday morning, as the appointment called for. They didn't look at the car until today, Friday. I've never experienced that before. They claimed they were incredibly backed up, and had no loaner cars available. I'm not looking forward to when I bring the car back for the installation, to have to go through this again.
  11. normkol

    new 2017 Edge Titanium Owner

    With all the electronics on this vehicle, the ESP is not such a bad purchase. I'm currently experiencing problems with the Sync system on my 2016. If it requires an APIM replacement, as some on this forum think, that is over $1k repair. I'm glad I have the ESP.
  12. Appointment at the dealer for January 14. I'll let you all know what happens.
  13. I do have an extended warranty. This afternoon I did a master reset. I got mixed results, a little better performance but still not what it should be. I'll give it the rest of the week, then make an appointment at the dealer.
  14. Interesting, I have a Motorcraft filter in there now that has the pre-filter. I'll probably be changing it again this spring, I'll have to see what's available.
  15. normkol

    New tires- Pirelli Scorpion Verde

    My Michelins were doing fine, 2016 Edge SEL. Then, I got a nail in a tire in a spot that couldn't be fixed. With 30k on the car, I didn't want to replace just the one tire. So, I got a set of Firestone Destination LE2's. I had just had those put on my wife's Odyssey, and I previously had them on a RAV4. I've always been happy with them. So far, they feel great. I'm just disappointed that the Michelins were wearing well, I think I would have gotten 50k out of them.