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  1. Hello all. I've been away for a while. Hope all is well. Got into the Edge today. Drove off, opened the window (door) and realized the front Vista Roof shade was flapping all crazy. Opened the roof. The glass retracted normally. The shade slid to the rear but did not roll up. It was hanging down 2 Feet! Closed and opened the vista again. Same issue. The shade is loose and won't roll up and the sides have pulled out. The rear shade works fine. Any ideas. Searched for this topic and came up dry. Any help is appreciated. Just got it back from the dealer. Threw codes and was warrantied for replacement of cam phasers. What next!! Thanks.
  2. Hurtman

    What other creatures ride in your Edge/MKX?

    Thanks to all of you who replied with compassion and respect concerning the loss of our beloved "Buffy". God bless you and keep you all.
  3. Hurtman

    What other creatures ride in your Edge/MKX?

    This was my baby. She was 11 y.o. On 01-25-10 we had to put her down. She had a tumor on her heart which was causing Congestive Heart Failure. She seemed fine on Friday. Over three days she went south and seemed to be having trouble breathing. The vet said her lungs were filling up with fluid and was causing the difficulty breathing. Not treatment or options. She went peacefully in the arms of those who loved her. I've been married 18 years with no kids. She was our baby. Today was hard, the house is so quiet without hearing the click-clack of her nails on the hardwood floor. My tears are still flowing. She will be missed by me and her "Mommy" who is hurting just as bad as I am. Rest In Peace my baby.
  4. Hurtman

    What other creatures ride in your Edge/MKX?

    She goes wherever we go! Whether it's in my wife's Edge or my truck.
  5. Hurtman

    Brakes "hissing"

    Sounds like it'd time for a brake job.
  6. Hurtman

    When should the Oil be changed the first time

    The engines are ran at the factory with "Break-In Oil" to set the internal components and prevent scarring/galling of the internals. I do a first change at 500 miles. Always have, may not be needed but it is habit. I then do a change every 3000. As long as you use the Ford recommended oil, I see no need to pay extra for a full synthetic. Some say they improve H.P., heat loss and friction coefficients. May be essential in a high compression race engine but all my "Normal" daily drivers have been fine with the OEM oil, as long as the changes are done as scheduled.
  7. Hurtman

    Heater Core Corrosion Letter

    I also received the letter for my wife's 2009 Edge Limited. I am going to speak with a Ford adviser on Monday and ask about the intent and possible preventative maintenance.
  8. Always tow with the overdrive off. It helps the tranny and also helps engine braking when you let off the accelerator. If possible use the cruise control on flat roads. On hilly terrain don't use the cruise as you can anticipate hills by seeing them and adjust the accelerator accordingly, the cruise control will allow the vehicle to decelerate at the initial point of the climb then struggle to reach the set speed and maintain it as set.
  9. Hurtman

    Tire repair

    It's actually very easy. You find the foreign object, pull it out, shove the reamer tool into the hole and leave it there so the tire doesn't go flat. Put the plug into the plug insertion tool and coat the plug with the vulcanizer/glue. Move the reamer tool inside and out several times to rough up the wall of the hole. Pull out the reamer tool and insert the plug. Once the plug is through the tire you pull the tool out which automatically cuts the plug on the inside so it doesn't pull back out. Cut the plug flush with the tire using wire cutters and your done. I consider it an emergency/temporary fix and recommend going to a repair shop for a patch ASAP. It's something you can do on the side of the road which is much faster then changing to the spare or waiting for AAA.
  10. Hurtman

    Tire repair

    We have Discount Tire Stores all over the place here. They repair for free to bring in customers. They broke down the last tire I had repaired there, plugged the tire, nipped the plug flush on the inside and patched from the inside. I could see a shop charging for 30 minutes labor on a tire repair if they have to break it down. Thirty bucks sounds about right. Why does it always seem that the more expensive the tire, the more crap you pick-up from the road. I have 35X12.50 inch tires on my truck, to the tune of $350.00 a piece and I have picked up more miscellaneous road debris than any other vehicle I can remember. Every time I hear a "Ticking" noise from a tire I sweat to the tune of $700.00. They are directional and must be replaced in pairs, at least.
  11. Hurtman


    Nice garage. Looks cleaner than most houses.
  12. Hurtman

    New 2010 EDGE Limited

    Unfortunate, but don't let this issue make you dislike the vehicle. Once all the bugs are out, you will find it to be very capable, comfortable and fun to drive. Good Luck!
  13. Hey Blazed, that was supposed to be a DIG! Guess it's hard to relay sarcasm over the net. Oh well. I did mean the Happy Birthday part, on a serious note.
  14. Hurtman

    Real snow usage

    Have driven the wife's Edge in ten to twelve inches of fresh snow and hardpacked snowy roads. It drives like a tank. I do tend to test the limits of my vehicles and the Edge handled it well. I feel better knowing my wife has a safe vehicle that can handle the weather, she drives to Golden, CO. for work. I'm secure in the knowledge that the Edge will keep her out of trouble and get her safely where she needs to go.