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  1. DistractedDev

    Wiring Aftermarket Camera in OEM plug

    My first question would be in what format does the OEM camera send the data, and is the new camera compatible? If it's something like a standard composite signal then it should be doable. In your diagram, the FUSE (GN-VT, pin 1) should be your positive power (12V) and the GROUND (BK-BU, pin 5) your ground. I would check with a multimeter before hooking up anything to these. The naming on the others is a little confusing. Looking at the diagram and not the connector, the Red and Black wires run to the APIM, carrying your video signal (plus a shield). I don't know what the White wire running to the BCM is for, unless it causes the signal to be mirrored (flipped horizontally), but this is a complete guess. Hopefully this gets you started, and someone else will chime in with better info.
  2. DistractedDev

    ISO: Aftermarket Parts Edge Sport

    Did you buy the entire kit, or were you able to buy the strut brace without the other pieces?
  3. DistractedDev

    Strange Brake issue

    I've read (but not tried, although we were prepared to if needed) that you can swap the electronics between units with the same part numbers with no ill effects. It should pull apart relatively easily with the removal of a few longish screws. This was our backup plan if programming the new pump via Forscan hadn't worked. Thankfully we were able to program the new pump using the beta version. You may not need to update the VIN# at all for it to work. But I am not and do not claim to be an expert at this. In any case, Good Luck!
  4. Silly question, but did they lubricate the slides and guides when they replaced the brakes? I'm chasing a similar noise that goes away after a short bit, but mine sounds like a lower ball joint.
  5. DistractedDev

    Strange Brake issue

    I feel your pain. I swapped an ABS module on a Fiesta due to a stuck check valve. Front left and rear right wouldn’t release after applying the brakes (the diagonals are in pairs, presumably so failure doesn’t dramatically pull to one side). It was an expensive part, so we tried to rule everything else out first. Hope you got it sorted in the end.
  6. Check somewhere like Tasca, or a Ford dealer online. Once you have the part number you can more easily search for a good price. Use your VIN to verify fitment. https://www.tascaparts.com/v-2013-ford-edge--sport--3-7l-v6-gas/front-drive-axle--axle-shafts-and-joints
  7. DistractedDev

    CV Fabrication FMIC

    One of these is on my list. I do wonder how it compares to the UP IC, but for my use either are probably fine. I just picked up a used 2019 ST and I want to be sure any existing issues are addressed before adding "mods".
  8. DistractedDev

    Look for a used Edge - 2019-2007 advice

    Thank you for the reminder regarding Ford Protect. I'm buying a CPO vehicle and I'd like to extend my coverage to the life of the loan. This seems ideal. Of course FL gets shafted on the price, but I've read that there are ways around that problem.
  9. DistractedDev

    Look for a used Edge - 2019-2007 advice

    A 2019 (and newer) could still have a remaining powertrain warranty, which should be 5 year / 60k miles. If available, check the Carfax (or equivalent) for the in-service date of the vehicle.
  10. DistractedDev

    [Sold]: JLT Oil Catch can 2018+

    Is this catch can still available? I'm picking up a new-to-me ST this weekend, so I need one of everything 😅