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  1. Primetime

    PTU not covered by the powertrain warranty??

    I've been told by both my dealer and Ford that it is covered under the 5year/60,000 warranty, so like others have said, either argue until you get your way or take it to another dealer.
  2. Primetime

    Buying Ford Edge SEL AWD 2008

    They are great cars overall, but to an Oasis report and if it has had PTU seal leaks, or axle seal leaks listed (really the same thing) I'd stay away from that one. If it hasn't I wouldn't be worried.
  3. Primetime

    Burning Smell?

    New PTU should be installed today. I'm crossing fingers again. 12th time's a charm right?
  4. Primetime

    What should idle RPM be?

    Yes, there is camshaft sensors on our Edges.
  5. Primetime

    AWD or FWD?

    I don't think you'd have any troubles with the ramp and FWD. In general 2wd will always have less maintenance than 4wd vehicles. If you do go AWD, check an Oasis report before you buy to make sure it hasn't had any PTU/axle seal leaks. If it has, do NOT buy. I know most have been repaired, but I would just find one that hasn't had the problem. FWD you don't have to worry. I can't imagine you having any problems with a jet ski on a ramp unless it was a dirt ramp, or very slimy from algea where traction would be a problem, power sure won't be. I will say the AWD is awesome in the snow and ice, but it sounds like you don't have that worry, so if it was me, with $4 a gallon gas, I'd go FWD all the way - not to mention you should be able to buy it cheaper.
  6. Primetime

    Burning Smell?

    They are flying in a specialist from Ford this time...I told them I wasn't accepting another seal kit even though it has already had a new PTU and new axle. I'm going for another new PTU.
  7. Primetime

    Burning Smell?

    Going in today for 12th repair...My plan is to not accept the vehicle back unless there is a new PTU in it, but I am not looking forward to the pain it is going to be to get them to do that.
  8. Primetime

    6 Speed?

    It is a six speed auto. Only thing to watch out for is if it had a leaky PTU - then run away, seek shelter, and cover head. Just kidding, but if it has a history of PTU seal failure, stay away from the thing. See burning smell thread for more info.
  9. Primetime

    Burning smell on 2011 AWD

    Sure sounds like a PTU to me. Please keep us posted if it is and maybe post in the burning smell thread to keep that updated.
  10. Primetime

    PTU covered by power train warranty?: (YES)

    Good idea getting that in writing - I didn't and just got mine back from 11th repair. There has been many iterations of the seal, it is a design problem. Best way to tell if it has been repaired multiple times for PTU or anything else is to do an OASIS report. That will tell you of any work done at a dealer. I hope yours gets fixed.
  11. Primetime

    Burning Smell?

    This is really getting old...leaking worse than ever. Will be going in Monday for 11th repair.
  12. Primetime

    Burning Smell?

    Hah - going in for #10 today. This is starting to be a game. I should start taking bets on how long this one will last.
  13. Primetime

    PTU/transmission leak?

    I haven't heard anything about a transmission seal failing. Could be. The burning smell sure sounds like PTU. I'd just ask for clarification. Axle seal is the PTU. Please keep us posted on what they do. Mine is going in this morning for the 10th time and maybe if there is a transmission seal causing it I can try to point them to look at that.
  14. Primetime

    PTU covered by power train warranty?: (YES)

    Sounds great! I hope it works out for you. Mine is going in this morning for their 10th attempt at repair...
  15. Primetime

    transmission flush

    Great post Depiry! Thanks for that info!