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    Ordering 2010 Edge

    You know, setting out one's opinion is obviously a waste of time. It was necessary to take out insurance outside of USA and Canada allowing for the delivery of policy and info providded nu tje dealer (about whom I have NO complaint) with respect to delivery date and I was prepared to "eat" a few days coverag but not two weeks. And, no I don't regularly write other than when I feel I have a legit concern - I have worked almost at the same level as the CEO so I am famiiar with his concernes and workload - normally a staffer would at least ackowledge the letter in writing. Just from the tone of your reply, I expect I have a lot more experience and courtesy than you. Siging off and out as no longer interested in being part of this forumn. so no need to reply as I won't be back to it. Fortunately, I happily can write you off as a dead loss.
  2. Keith

    Ordering 2010 Edge

    Yes, or at least parts for the trannies. Was in our local paper before we heard from Ford via the Dealer after he called them. As for the comments about my letter, etc, I had written directly to the President and CEO of Ford Canada. I have been buying vehicle since my first in 1954 so far from new at this "game". I have been able to get replies directly from Kia, GM and others unlike Ford. We are still waiting to hear from the Dealer if it has arrived - now 2 1/2 months with only one option (tow package) - and have lost 3 weeks of pre-planned holiday and payment of insurance etc thereon. Suffice to say, my last Ford purchase. Keith
  3. Just an update.......we ordered a 2010 Limited on Aug 29, dealer fwd it to Ford on Aug 31. Received VIN early October. Told little over two weeks ago of ETA of Nov 2....this, I was told meant it was built and in the yard for shipping. We called Ford on Nov 3 and was told it was on a carrier for the 4 hours trip to Ottawa. Called again Nov 6 and was told "it was only built yesterday and could be two weeks before we get it". Called Dealer who learned (and we don't doubt the Dealer but do doubt Ford) that all Edges and Flex's where held up due to trannie plant strike in India. Ours, it appears, is built but still has some testing and quality control to go through. In addition Ford Canada has to date NOT had the courtesty to reply directly to me to a registered letter sent to them over a month ago. I did get told by the dealer, Ford's answer but not answering a polite letter (Costco offer not being allowed by Ford on our purchase), is totally rude and unacceptable. While we will take delivery of the Edge at this late date, we will NOT now be buying the Fusion Hybrid planned for the Spring of 2010 and if asked, will not be recommending Ford Canada. Hope others have had better experience. Keith
  4. Keith

    Possible to Locate my New Edge?

    My order went to Ford Aug 31. Dealer week ago Saturday gave me ETA report of Nov 2. It has to come all of 4 hours on a truck. He told me having an ETA means it is built and sitting in transport yard. Can anybody confirm this?? Keith
  5. Keith

    18" vs 20" tires?

    Hi Bobby - went through the same "thinking". As a rule, the larger rim size means lower profile rubber thus harsher ride, greater risk of damage to the rims since there is less rubber between the rim and the road so easy to damage rim as opposed to scuffing the tire. More flex in the 18 inch so might not corner as well. Personally I opted for the 28 for better ride over, for example, speed bumps and rougher roads, less chance of damaging rims in potholes etc. Not to mention, the cost of replacement tires down the road. Keith
  6. Keith

    1000 off new edge

    Hi: My order went into Ford mid-afternoon Aug 31 and Ford told Dealer 'no" to Costco Rebate, I wrote Ford CEO by registered mail and received a phone call asking name of Dealer, who was asked by Ford to submit special consideration request. Dealer told me two weeks ago that Ford responded "no" but has not yet had the common courtesy to reply to my letter. Costco is now involved and agrees with "my" position on the matter. Car Cost Canada also agrees in that their information says the offer applies to deliveries within the offer period. Small Claims court is a viable approach if all else fails. Secind new vehicle planned for Spring 2010 will NOT be a Ford - this is not my first experience in having to write them a letter telling them I would go to Small Claims court - that was back in the 1980's and took this long to give them a second chance. Keith