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    Transmission jerks at low speed

    I wonder if anybody here has checked any GM forums about jerking on their 6 spd automatics. It's the same transmission. The only thing different between GM and Ford is the software. IF GM's are jerking at low speeds also I'd be concerned about engineering and manufacturing issues. If GM's aren't jerking then Ford had better get their software programmers working overtime.
  2. bigbird

    Transmission Firmware Upgrade in the Works?

    Hmmm. I didn't see GM losing $7 billion last year. I don't think there's anything wrong with collaboration between manufacturers. If it produces a better product at lower prices, I'm all for it. Usually religion-like fanatacism over brand loyalty is a sign of a young (ofter read immature) owner. That's not meant as any disrespect, by the way.
  3. bigbird

    No Edge for me

    I'm sure every Edge customer would love to pay extra just to support the Ford Motor Co. If Ford can't survive on its own business plan, there are many other car companies, domestic and foreign, that can. These other companies make products as good as if not better than the Ford Motor Co. I love to pay extra to help a company remain in business.
  4. bigbird

    Routine engine maintenance?

    Great pic! Thanks for the followup.
  5. bigbird

    Don't Want To Get Anyone Excited!

    Sorry if I appear ignorant, but what's a Bamer?
  6. bigbird

    Launch Date

    Only the engine of the 'Nox/Torrent is made in China. The transmission is from Japan and the whole vehicle is assembled in Canada, just like the Edge!
  7. bigbird

    Routine engine maintenance?

    If anyone has seen the new V6, how difficult will routine maintenance (oil and filter changes) be? Where's the location of the oil filter? Can one access it from the front without jacking?
  8. bigbird

    2007 Ford Edge Exterior Color Guide

    Damn... I like white. Am I the only Edge fan who likes a white vehicle?
  9. bigbird

    2007 Ford Edge Exterior Color Guide

    Where's the white?