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  1. As the weight of PWC can vary greatly, it's not possible to give a correct answer. So you can either, get the whole trailer & 2 PWC's weighed at a truck scale, or find out weight of each of the PWC's and the trailer, then add them together, if 2000 pounds or less you are ok.
  2. AK-Kayaker

    Edge Tank?

    Wow that thing is messed up, hope you and all passengers are ok.
  3. capnkirk52 I noticed you are only listing one tune with your X-Cal3, did you get a deal with only one tune, or is that the only one you use. If it came with the three tunes that are listed on Evolutions page, you should list them all, maybe a better chance to sell it to one of the I want MPG people. Just a thought.
  4. AK-Kayaker

    Rolling in Park

    For those that keep asking their dealers about the rollback, there is nothing they can do as it is a design issue. (Note issue not a flaw.) As you can see in the animated gif, the red parking pawl drops into a notch when placed in park. The Edge has less notches, which means it moves father before the pawl engages a notch. Which makes for a stronger system, but causes a little more rolling. As akirby has stated the parking brake should always be set when parking. And to correctly do this is very simple. 1. Come to a complete stop. 2. While still holding foot brake, apply parking brake. 3. Remove foot from foot brake and allow parking brake to hold weight of vehicle. 4. Place shifter into park. 5. Remove seatbelt. 6. Open door, and exit vehicle. I hope this clears things up for some of you.
  5. AK-Kayaker


    And Evolution Performance also sells the X-Cal3 with tunes for the Edge. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?showtopic=1417
  6. If you go to their website, :stats: it shows it comes with three tunes. :happy feet: :hyper: http://www.evoperform.com/shop/index.php?m...f7b538af743083d :hyper: The defaults are 87, 91, and 93, but you can choose 89 for one of the tunes. Have fun. :happy feet:
  7. Wow this is just incredible, if you have not ordered yet, heck even if you have you can change it, just get the factory tow package. At $395.00 it is a bargain, you get "Class II Trailer Tow Package: Class II receiver hitch, engine oil cooler, larger radiator, upgraded battery and cooling fans, wiring harness and 4-pin connector", and it does not hang down below the rear valance, like aftermarket ones do. Even if you never tow, the oil cooler is still working for you, not to mention resale appeal. You are going to spend around $33,000, don't cheap out over a few hundred.
  8. I thought x-cal2 were vin locked, so you had to buy a different one for each vehicle. It would only make sense, since they are a business trying to make money.
  9. AK-Kayaker

    Bob Hope Clip

    Just another reason ya gotta love Bob Hope. :happy feet:
  10. AK-Kayaker

    tinted tails

    Looks good, makes the tails blend in when not lit up. And I here the film hardly dims the light output when in use.
  11. AK-Kayaker

    SEL wheels - chrome plastic cover?

    If only it was in my power to take away your x-plan pricing I would, so you would not have to lower yourself to drive a pittyful Ford product. Happy trails joker.
  12. It is a long established forum/chat room etiquette, that typing in all caps is like YELLING, so hence it is considered rude.
  13. No not a bit since I did capture your original response. And it was about 15 minutes, but even if it was 30 haste makes waste, or mistakes. No problem, I just wish I could offer some help, with the flapping sun screen, other than to say open them up and let the sun shine in. :happy feet:
  14. I wouldn't think of it, considering out of his 4 posts only 2 list type, and both time he states MKX.
  15. So first off did you do as Robert suggested, and put it back to stock. And if not why would the dealer owe you comensation, for a problem more than likely caused by your aftermarket lights.