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    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Most disappointing to me: Front Ford emblem isn't very durable....I've had it peel off in more than one Ford vehicle. Sync 3 system -- You'd think, after all these years Ford has had to get it right, it still has some serious issues. (WiFi update, anyone?). Like others have said, fold flat rear seats are needed. I miss real fog lights...at least make them an option. Bring back the full width rear tail lights. Sorry to see them go. If we're paying for certain colors, at least make them more resistant to chips.
  2. Well, I might have outfoxed myself! I was holding off purchasing a 2017 Edge Titanium, thinking Ford would increase the rebates a bit today. Instead, they went the opposite way! Yesterday the rebates were $3750 (plus $500 military) on the Edge. Today, I only see a $500 rebate on them. It does look like the financing changed to offer 0% 60 months, but that's not as good a deal as before.
  3. MHOsborn

    Edge damage

  4. MHOsborn

    Possible Edge Owner....

    My wife and I traded our 2005 Murano SL AWD for a 2007 AWD SEL+ Ford Edge back in May, and we love our Edge. With just about all the options available, including navigation, the Edge is hard to beat. We really grew to wonder not IF our Murano was going to "act up"...but WHEN. The biggest problem we had with it was that, over 10 times, it simply refused to go into Park after arriving at our destination. Sometimes my wife would have to sit for 5 minutes or so before it would allow Park to be engaged. That, combined with interior rattles the dealer could never find, convinced us we needed to trade it for a car we could depend on....and I think we have it in our Edge. For 2008, the Edge with the Sync option would definitely be better than whatever Nissan has in their Muranos. Combine the Sync option with the Navigation in the Edge, and you've got a great system. And...the Edge is built in Canada....the Murano comes from Japan.
  5. MHOsborn

    For this day..........

    An excellent post! As a vet, USN(Ret) (1974-1994), it's awesome that people remember what this day was meant for.
  6. MHOsborn

    The "Other" Edge Site Down

    I noticed this week that www.fordedge.org is down for "...some much needed maintenance..." My guess is they'll be down for at least two months just to clear the spam that found its way there.
  7. You'd better verify with your dealer that they are going to install a FACTORY nav system. On my 2007 F-150, they THOUGHT they could do this, but later found out they couldn't. I'd also verify the system they install will mate with the Sync system....and that the steering wheel controls are the same.
  8. MHOsborn

    NAV disclaimer screen

    I did a quick web search, but could not find a module for our Ford Edges (or any Ford, for that matter). There is a company selling modules that interface with Lexus, Toyota, BMW, Cadillac, and Honda.... If you do run across that web page sometime, could you drop a link in here? Thanks!
  9. MHOsborn

    Ford Edge Mechanical problems.

    Whoops...didn't mean to trip a wire with my attempt at humor. We DO appreciate your post describing your problem. And...we'd love to know what the service department has to say about it.
  10. MHOsborn

    Ford Edge Mechanical problems.

    I, for one, think we should all park our Edge until this problem is resolved. And for those of you who are too scared to drive yours, please let me know your address and I'll ride my bike over to take that awful lemon off your hands....
  11. Our 2007 SEL+ with the nav system shows two lines of text...song title and artist. I would suspect the same is true of the 2008 model with the nav system. My 2007 F-150 audiophile has the display you mentioned...one line of text...no automatic scrolling. Pretty lame display, IMO..I'll probably change the head unit out for a Kenwood 7100 nav system next year.
  12. MHOsborn

    Way way too quiet

    Shhhh....you'll wake 'em up!
  13. MHOsborn

    SYNC Review from MSN.com

    Thanks for the link....I hadn't seen that Sync review yet. Alas...I suspect I'll have to wait a few years for it, though....my guess it we can't retrofit our 2007 Edges with Sync, and we just did a 39 month lease in June.
  14. MHOsborn

    What floor mats r u getting?

    I bought the Weathertech FloorLiners for our Edge...front and back seats. They cover more of the floor area than the Ford all weather mats...seem better designed (to me, anyway). For the back, I purchased the Ford cargo area mat (not Weathertech)...costs around the same as the Weathertech...maybe a bit cheaper. But it looks good, has Edge embossed into it, and is very substantial in terms of thickness. It's only available in black...not a problem with our black interior.
  15. MHOsborn

    After one full day...

    Enjoy your new Edge....!