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  1. Selling the Navigation Unit out of my 2008 Ford Edge SE. (8T4T-18K931-BA) Also included is the GPS Antenna (8T4T-10E983-AA) and the Map DVD 8P (8L2T-10E987-AF) DVD is loaded into unit, jewel case is included I have the factory box with foam inserts for shipping. Local pick-up is ok too $700 OBO
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    OEM Fog Light/Lamps Parts *NEW*

    Lamps and Bezels are on Ebay if anybody's interested.
  3. rockofgibraltar

    OEM Fog Light/Lamps Parts *NEW*

    Everything is still in it's packaging...really don't want to un-box it just for pics. It's all OEM stuff, not aftermarket. Shipping would be included in the $250 price via USPS Priority Mail.
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    OEM Fog Light/Lamps Parts *NEW*

    Looking to sell OEM/Ford parts for installing factory fogs on your Edge SE or just replacing them on your SEL/Limited. These were intended to go on my 2008 Edge SE but never got around to doing it. Everything is brand new, still in OEM packaging, except for the switch, it was installed for a short period of time but it's still in mint condition. The H-11 connectors are not OEM, I bought them on Ebay for $10-$15 and they are still in their sealed packaging. Below are the part #'s and descriptions as well as the prices listed at www.northcentralfordparts.net Need to sell it as a package deal, not interested in parting out. Total is a little over $300...looking to get $250 w/shipping. Pick-up is an option too if you're near S.E. Michigan. May be willing to trade for an Xbox 360 "slim" 250 GB Paymeny via Paypal is preferred. Any questions, just ask 2- Fog Lamp Assy. Back – 6E5Z-15200-A (2 needed - L & R are the same) $94.68 ea. x 2 = $189.36 1- Fog Lamp Bezel – RH side 7T4Z-17E810-B $39.76 1- Fog Lamp Bezel – LH side 7T4Z-17E811-B $39.98 1- Headlight Switch – 8C3Z-11654-CA (SW6587) $34.47 2- ceramic H-11 lamp connectors $10
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    Navigation radio reprogram

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    Trade my OEM Edge Roof Rack for your trim inserts

    Just a heads up, there are also 3 (6 total) plastic pieces that go underneath the trim rail that the trim snaps onto. They are similar to the pieces that go under the center of each roof rail. How do I know? I just installed a factory rack this weekend on my '08. Hope this helps
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    The one out of my '08 is part # 8T4T-18C869-AG
  8. I did a swap my '08 SE, it had the standard single disc radio with Sync / Sirius / MP3 + USB input etc. I put in part # 8T4T-18K931-BA (Nav unit / 6 disc / Sync / Sirius) and 8T4T-10E983-AA (GPS Antenna) and 8L2T-10E987-AF (8p Nav dvd) Dash removal was simple. The original radio had only 2 plugs going to it, Nav unit needed 3. After freaking out for a second I looked in the dash and in the back was the 3rd plug I needed...they must all be wired for it. Whew! Everything works fine but the Sync/voice buttons on the steering wheel. You can still use the bluetooth phone + MP3/USB etc. connection but just not through the steering wheel buttons. All of that can be done on the touch screen. From what I understand, this is a fixable issue done via programming to the Nav unit. Not really that big of a deal to me...
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    Maintenance Manual

    Chris, Looks like you have an '08 too, these are the repair manuals that you want...much more info than Haynes http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2008-Ford-Edge-Lincoln-MKX-Service-Shop-Manual-Set-Oem-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem255b98bac0QQitemZ160450525888QQptZMotorsQ5fManualsQ5fLiterature
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    Why do we need

    I like the idea of state chapters...seemed to work in the old F-150 forums I used to occasionally visit. How about a FordEdgeForum.com store? Have the site name on vinyl graphics to put on rear window and what not.
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    '08 Edge