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  1. Picturepro

    I bought 2016 Titanium today

    you can buy a ESP ford warranty on line discounted, some dealerships mark it up to much
  2. Picturepro


    I bought the husky mats love them. found a sale during Xmas. $100 for Cargo and $160 for 1st & 2nd row free shipping I have to sell the ford rubber mats that came with the Edge, I see some FS at $70 check your local craigslist
  3. Dealer only said it was already done 15-0166. I said they issue more TSB under different number., said yes I had no other option to put my tail between my legs and sweat down my back and drive away hopefully someone (FORD) can respond and with a PDF of this new 16-0080. Summer is coming and I want to spend some time in the desert in 90-110 degree heat I want the AC seats to work or much better than this 15-0166 update
  4. Dealer called 16-0080 is the same TSB 15-0166 I have a PDF of 15-0166 anyone have a PDF 16-0080?? help
  5. anyone have a PDF from ford of this 16-0800? I took my Edge to dealer just call me and said its the same TSB Very disappointed now, still does not cool with a damn on the seat backs, I hear a fan running and first 5 minutes I can feel something trying to cool after that is making heat.
  6. TSB 16-0080 called my service rep. Confirmed the number is correct He want me there Monday to look into it.
  7. (I need to stop searching late night - copied down numbers wrong my bad)
  8. researching the TSB.... (I need to stop searching late night - copied down numbers wrong my bad)
  9. copied from http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3533373#post3533373 TSB 16-0080 May 4 2016 3026 - 2015-2016 Edge And 2016 Explorer - Climate Controlled Seats - Lack Of Cooling Performance From The Front Seat Backrest - Built On Or Before 2/12/2016 ********************** Going to check in with dealership in with the correct number TSB 16-0080
  10. Picturepro

    Intro - 2015 Edge Sport - Tuxedo Black

    Yes HID (projector beam - has a magnifying lens) Monday I'll order and hope nothing happens to the wires. I'm also looking at upgrading the side mirror puddle lamps, on sale $57 and prob get a set of license plate bulbs http://www.daytimebrightlites.com/Puddle_Lights_NL3C.html http://drivebright.com/home/shop/v4-extreme-led-puddle-light-pack-brightest/ ********************** 4/26/16 Ordered, received and installed DRL lastnight, hopefully the DRL will work, could not test at night, healight were on. Just ordered Puddle lamps that include license plate bright bulbs, their sale end this month.
  11. Picturepro

    Intro - 2015 Edge Sport - Tuxedo Black

    great looking ride. I've owned my 2015 Sport for 6 months now, love it. Q's on DRL bulb replacement. "50W H15 CREE LED Bulbs" on the ebay page say not comparable with 2015 sports I assume their page is not up to date? did you buy other items from this seller? sent a message to the eBay seller Polarbearmotors replied "The H15 LED bulbs will not work for the 2015 Ford Edge DRL. You may need to load resistor to get it work."
  12. Picturepro

    Cnet review 2016 Edge Sport

    wish it had voice commands to fill in address or city or location. Sync2 is slow to hunt and peck on the maps how often do maps get updated?
  13. another tank down to 53 miles to empty and 14.7 to fill up
  14. Picturepro

    Cooled Seats

    Thanks Paul for the info. $130 for 2 seats to fix Ford issue. I'd like to see Ford fix this issue. I went to a Kings hockey game last night and my passenger used the seat AC. I said nothing about the seat issue, just let them figure it out. 15 minutes in he said but cold but the back is still hot, doesn't it work? I laughed and said it was fixed by ford as a TSB. He has a sport trac truck now and has been considering a new Ford, less chance now.
  15. I use the remote start option, love it. I've used it a lot, if it cold outside it turns warm defroster on I think the heated seats or maybe I've been cold and the seat just felt warm.