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Passenger Power window switch


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I have a 2010 Ford Edge SEL and I was just noticing tonight that the four window switches on the driver arm rest are all illuminated, however the window lock switch is not. Also noticed that the passenger power window switch and the two rear door power window switches are not illuminated. Is this as designed?

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I'm not sure about the other window switches, but I know my driver's window lock doesn't light up.


Thanks for confirming that. It's hard to tell looking at the other switches whether or not they are supposed to light up or not. I pulled the front passenger switch body off the door last night, and there is just an electrical connector. If there is a bulb or something, I guess it would be buried deep in the switch body itself. Doesn't look like it would be user replaceable if there was one. Hopefully Ford's goal wasn't to replace the entire switch just to change a bulb if it is suppose to illuminate.

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