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Just thought I'd throw out a plug for the Edge-2 DRL from daytimebrightlites.com . A few weeks ago while on the interstate I hit a wild coyote at 70mph. It was at night and it came out of nowhere and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. It did $2800 damage to my 2012 Edge, but the Edge 2-DRL's that I installed a few months back, and which were right there on the bumper that took all of the impact didn't have a scratch on them, and they still were working perfectly. The rest of the car is now fixed, and the shop re-installed the DRL's in my new front bumper cover and all is well. Those lights certainly can hold up well to a heavy beating! Also, I found out I save a little bit of money on my insurance now that I have installed the DRL's, so even more reason to have them! Yes they were expensive but worth every penny in my book.




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