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Plastic Molding under Windshield

John Thiessen

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I bought a hail damaged vehicle and noticed that the plastic molding under the windshield was broken on the drivers side. I noticed the passenger side has open vents but the drivers side are closed. I sealed up the broken area as best as I could with clear silicone. Just wondering why the passenger side has vents open and the driver's side is almost completely closed. And also if it matters if water gets under the plastic moulding on the driver's side.


Thanks in advance for any insights into this.


I've talked to my dealer and I will take it their next time I by there for someone to look at the broken moulding.



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I am not sure, but this is my guess: the slots on the driver side are there mainly to allow for liquids & debris to flow off the windshield and down the drains. There are more on the passenger side because that is where the air intake for the climate control system is located. If the water is getting under this plastic moulding through the slots, it's as intended. Just make sure the long strip seals are present & accounted for when you open the hood and look at the firewall side of the bay.


You can always remove the moulding & clean underneath, get a really good look to make sure paint is not rusting or chipping.

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