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    Coolant Questions - Green /Yellow - Drain-Fill / Flush ?

    Ford Canada does not have a good reputation May be better off contacting Lincoln Canada instead if Ford is not agreeable.
  2. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    too bad you can't pin it inside this post so it appears on top whenever/wherever a member enters the thread.
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    2013 Ford Edge SEL 3.5 Warning P0455

  4. the OEMassive branded ones seem to work well based on owner feedback http://oemassive.com/headlights/
  5. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Walmart Supertech fluids

    should be ok, but i think you will get better results with the Valvoline MV FS ATF fluid. Priced the same as SuperTech apparently.
  6. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    PTU Care

    when did you last change the PS fluid? suggest flushing with Valvoline MV FS ATF (red bottle/jug).
  7. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    From 856 CCA to 826 CCA in 10 days - brand new battery

    fully charged SLA batteries will hover around 12.6V, AGM around 12.8V.
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    Battery Charging Question?

    you would have to mod an oulet to always on OR add one that is always on. would be handy with a solar trickle charger.
  9. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    2018 Ford Edge ST **DIESEL**

    Welcome! This manual may help with some of the information you require https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/vdirsnet/OwnerManual/Home/Index?Variantid=6316&languageCode=EN&countryCode=USA&marketCode=US&bookcode=O41702&VIN=&userMarket=GBR&div=f Diesel Edges have completely different powertrains from gasoline based Edges. https://www.carfolio.com/ford-edge-2.0-ecoblue-st-line-618937 ^^^ not sure how accurate this link is Brochure https://www.ford.co.uk/content/dam/guxeu/uk/documents/brochures/cars/BRO-Edge.pdf UK Edge Brochure.pdf
  10. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Is Dex-Cool the right coolant for a 2013 MY 3.5?

    yes you can use it in the Edge. but you must flush the existing coolant in the process. regardless of how close the formulations are, we don't want to roll the dice by mixing them.
  11. Since this type of thread hasn't been started yet, thought I'd give it a little push. Very popular on other forums, hope to make it a success here as well! Posts should generally be short & sweet, detailed postings better placed in their own thread or added on to existing appropriate threads. That's the idea. I replaced the fog lights on my Edge yesterday. They were looking somewhat anemic compared to my Osram NB Plus headlights. Went with Optilux (Hella) H11 Extreme Yellow bulbs for visibility. At least I can make out I have fog lights on now! Still to be tested at night. Next up, polish the fog covers to maximize the light.
  12. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Is Dex-Cool the right coolant for a 2013 MY 3.5?

    Dex-cool (the current version) is theoretically compatible with Motorcraft/Ford Orange. Do you have the back label of this jug as well? To see the specifications this coolant is compatible with. Much preferred if you can get Peak, Prestone, Zerex branded universal extended life coolants instead. What do you have available in your country? Full flush recommended regardless of what coolant you go with.
  13. when did you first hear this sound? before or after (any specific) maintenance?
  14. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    From 856 CCA to 826 CCA in 10 days - brand new battery

    if you wait the 8+ hours, then technically, no, you do not need to have ignition in ON mode. yes, ON would the be the last step before starting the vehicle. I believe if you do not push the brake pedal, the ignition will only go to ON mode, not START/RUN. I believe the point you use is a grounding point. if it is bare metal to bare metal and your charger works, you are good. yes your charger has sufficient capability to charge this battery. is it a CTek charger?
  15. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    @Xtra i hope all is well with your health, and of course, your loved ones'!
  16. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Freezing point of water / antifreeze mixture?

    An internet search will easily turn up numerous references: http://www.motorcycleoctaneboost.com/coolant.html
  17. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    not normal for oil to be sucked into the intake. do you have a 2011-2013 MY vehicle? check into replacing the front valve cover.
  18. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    From one veteran to another...

  19. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    New Motorcraft oil filter FL-2062-A vs the FL-2062

    i thought i had seen a ptu fluid temp indicator, at least using torque pro, not sure about forscan. it was on the SHO platform a few years back. should be available for the Edge/MKX as well i would think. TCFT maybe? F2GZ-12A648-A Sensor - Engine Coolant Temperature $68.29 Sender Assy • Fit Note: 6 Cyl 2.7L, Hot Weather Group, Hot Weather Improvement Pack... Show More EJ5Z-12A648-A Sensor - Engine Coolant Temperature $48.07 $30.67 Sender Assy Fit Note: 4 Cyl 2.0L EcoBoost (240PS), Hot Weather Group, Hot Weath... Show More DB5Z-12A648-A Sensor - Engine Coolant Temperature $94.55 $57.20 Fit Note: 6 Cyl 3.5L Cyclone Petrol TIVCT, 6 Cyl 3.7L DOHC, Hot Weather G... Show More
  20. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    2016 Edge Sport Battery Monitoring System?

    Battery Charging or Jump Starting To charge or jump start the vehicle, connect the positive cable to the battery positive post. It is preferred to connect the negative cable to a vehicle ground and not the battery negative post. Connecting directly to the negative battery post can have an adverse effect on the Electrical Energy Management system. For a good connection point, follow the cable from the battery negative post to the vehicle body connection (typically on the shock tower sheet metal) and connect there. If the battery is jump started or charged, the BCM must recalibrate the battery state of charge. Engine off load shedding may occur if the vehicle is operated before the BCM calibrates the new battery state of charge. NOTICE: DO NOT reset the battery monitoring system using the diagnostic scan tool. This reset is reserved for new battery installation. Resetting the battery monitoring system will clear the learned battery data, the battery time in service, and will affect the aging algorithm parameters, which have been learned since the installation of the battery. some of the caveats noted Battery State of Charge The BCM uses the battery current sensor to keep track of the battery state of charge. During a drive cycle the Electrical Energy Management software adjusts the battery state of charge up during charging, and down during discharge. During rest periods with the key off, and the vehicle enters sleep mode, the BCM automatically recalibrates the Battery State of Charge. It takes 8 hours in sleep mode, with the vehicle undisturbed, no doors opened or keyless entry buttons pressed, and the total vehicle current draw less than 300mA, to calibrate the battery state of charge to a high accuracy. If the system draw has not allowed the battery state of charge to calibrate over the previous 7 days, the state of charge quality factor changes to identify this and some Electrical Energy Management system functions may be temporarily turned off until a calibration takes place.
  21. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    From 856 CCA to 826 CCA in 10 days - brand new battery

    Yeah, good point. I have never measured the amp draw in this condition, tho it may be reduced if you can lock the doors with the ignition on.
  22. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Oil leak & rear main seal.

    well, thank goodness for duct tape. oil feed lines are known to develop spring leaks across multiple model lines. anyhoo, hope the ST is properly fixed up now.
  23. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    From 856 CCA to 826 CCA in 10 days - brand new battery

    maybe you can get them to reset the bms for you for free, after all the hassle! since you have that gas smell, probably best not to use a charger at all until that issue is fixed. i would get the charger connected and working first tho, then turn the ignition to ON. the negative clamp MUST be to engine or chassis ground (an unpainted chassis surface or a solid engine component such as a generator mount or engine lifting eye), NOT the negative terminal. If you hook it to the neg terminal, you WILL have to reset the BMS afterwards.
  24. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    From 856 CCA to 826 CCA in 10 days - brand new battery

    Ron's got it summed up. SOC deserves routine tendering loving care Driving is really meant to top up batteries, not revive dead ones, keep that in mind. Also, testers will have a bit of variance built in, check specs on your tester to see how much "here or there" is normal. Make sure the test clamps are seated firmly on the terminals every time on the largest piece of mass. Hooking them up to the bolts can change test results. V should be fine but CCA will be affected by this. Did you reset the BMS? That will also help the battery. When you put it on a tender that first time, make sure to leave the ignition on (engine off) for the duration. That will be sufficient to reset it.
  25. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Induction System Cleaning

    there is no proven "need" on ecoboost engines. but will it keep the valves clean? yes. will it prevent misfires due to carbon breaking off and disrupting combustion, or due to valves not closing completely? yes. definitely a routine maintenance item IF you want to go this route. if you are unsure, take it to a pro, or leave well enough alone.