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  1. Since this type of thread hasn't been started yet, thought I'd give it a little push. Very popular on other forums, hope to make it a success here as well! Posts should generally be short & sweet, detailed postings better placed in their own thread or added on to existing appropriate threads. That's the idea. I replaced the fog lights on my Edge yesterday. They were looking somewhat anemic compared to my Osram NB Plus headlights. Went with Optilux (Hella) H11 Extreme Yellow bulbs for visibility. At least I can make out I have fog lights on now! Still to be tested at night. Next up, polish the fog covers to maximize the light.
  2. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    P0301 after driving through 3 feet of water

    check the PCM connectors for water intrusion. If water got in there, a good cleaning (and adding a dab of dielectric grease) may be all you need.
  3. Are both fans running all the time? You need to put in a new fan assembly. Assuming the A/c system is not contaminated. Did you check pressures with pro gauges or the one that comes with the "ac in a can" product? Rent pro gauges to get an accurate reading. Pressures are acceptable in a relatively narrow range.
  4. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Glad to see you thriving, and congratulations on the new ride!
  5. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Praying for your Edge, my friend! Hoping for only smiles from now on.
  6. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    New 2020 EDGE ST

    Nice snag. Congrats and welcome!
  7. Those cameras used to be 50 bucks apiece lol. They work fine, but no calibrated guidelines. If they can be calibrated, then that is a new feature.
  8. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    ROOF LEAK from antenna?

    Windshield seal strip or antenna base seal are likely culprits. If you have access to a water tap/hose, you can test this yourself.
  9. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Hard to steer

    Hopefully just low fluid. If this is the case, other fluids in the vehicle are likely also suspect - transmission, brake, coolant, etc. Attend to those as well. Here is a DIY "flush" of the power steering system
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    New Edge Owner

    Welcome, congratulations, and do post pics of your new ride!
  11. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Which brake fluid should I be using out of these 4?

    There is a video explaining the basic differences in DOT ratings. Stick with LV, especially in the cold north. ABS systems are sensitive to fluid viscosity, maximize their life with the correct flui
  12. I would have an upholstery shop look at making it comfortable for your wife, unless you think the required changes are too much. They can look at what is comfortable for her and "make it so". I am not sure the swap can be made to happen, but here is the factory manual for gen 2 https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1wBzOTmEZvCvnzvmTI470QBGyYX60xDBh Maybe it will work!
  13. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Ford Edge 2008 Engine Stalling and Rough Idle

    If the catalyst is empty and not catalyzing, you need new catalysts to stop the error codes from coming back. You can opt to use parts that will fake the system into believing that the cats are still functional, or programmatically turn off the error codes, but it is a far better option to replace them altogether. States like California, NY, and Maine of course make it all but impossible to use anything but OEM parts, which in turn drives up the cost quite a bit. You can try and source them from junkyards/used parts places like LKQ and car-part.com, but IDK how much they charge. And warranty is rather dismal anyway compared to when put on a brand new vehicle. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,2010,edge,3.5l+v6,1444714,exhaust+&+emission,catalytic+converter,5808
  14. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Add a Shelf To Your Center Console

    Excellent! Keep em coming
  15. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    So sorry to hear. Sounds like you should complain to Ford when you get the survey, and never go back to this dealer. YIKES!
  16. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Ford Edge 2008 Engine Stalling and Rough Idle

    Do you recall what the error code(s) was/were? The common P0420/0430 or something else? Does the engine sound normal at idle? Are there any hissing or whooshing type noises from the intake or the engine that might indicate a vacuum leak? Typically do not see burnt valves on these vehicles, but keep that in mind for a REMOTE possibility.
  17. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Ford Edge 2008 Engine Stalling and Rough Idle

    mileage on your Edge? I did not see spark plugs and coils mentioned. ever been replaced? what codes are present in the PCM, if any? has fuel pressure been checked?
  18. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    2014 Edge Limited No Heat

    Dunno. Hope this is the last of it for a while. 700$ is much more than I thought this job would cost.
  19. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    2014 Edge Limited No Heat

    Thankfully the water pumps are external on the ecoboost engines, and cheap to replace as a result. Removal and Installation Drain the cooling system. For additional information, refer to Cooling System Draining, Filling and Bleeding in this section Loosen the 3 coolant pump pulley bolts. To install, tighten to 20 Nm (177 lb-in). Rotate the accessory drive belt tensioner and detach the accessory drive belt. Make sure the accessory drive belt is positioned so coolant can not contaminate the belt. Remove the 3 bolts and the coolant pump pulley. To install, do not tighten the bolts at this time. Remove the 3 bolts, the coolant pump and the O-ring seal. Discard the O-ring seal. To install, lubricate the new O-ring seal with clean engine coolant. To install, tighten to 10 Nm (89 lb-in). To install, reverse the removal procedure. Fill and bleed the cooling system. Could be the thermostat housing as well. Thermostat Housing — 2.0L GTDI Removal and Installation NOTE: The thermostat and thermostat housing are replaced as an assembly. Drain the cooling system. Release the 2 clamps and disconnect the 2 coolant hoses. Remove the 3 bolts and the thermostat housing. Inspect the gasket and install a new gasket if necessary. To install, tighten to 10 Nm (89 lb-in).
  20. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    09 Edge Overheating!!

    Always keep the oem fan module for testing when using aftermarket assemblies. Sometimes, the module itself fails, but very very very often it is the fan motors that burn out. So you can likely make the aftermarket assembly work with the oem module.
  21. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Edge Sport questions on factory coolers

    Don't know about gen 2.5, but gen 2 sport had no oil cooler (typically coolant system linked) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jsWiisAd2B_oFRfm1X2qlGVgr3JOMBwU Transmission cooling, with and without active warmup https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dmOFQNy3taKEqH6eEI0FxczzQkNdrdqA Active transmission warm-up uses reclaimed heat energy to warm up the transmission faster. This, along with a durable, synthetic, ultra-low-viscosity fluid – engineered specifically for the new Edge – reduces component friction and helps save fuel https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2018/09/12/new-ford-edge--edge-st-use-artificial-intelligence-to-help-impro.html https://www.sae.org/publications/technical-papers/content/2018-01-0385/ An oil cooler IS mentioned for the 3.5 tho https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_aAtiuGaCEee6Mzb6euvECksoZ1e4V8Z https://www.fordpartsgiant.com/parts-list/2018-ford-edge/engine/oil_cooler_and_filter.html?Filter=(30275)&PNC=6A642
  22. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    2014 Edge Limited No Heat

    As far as the valve, this is likely what they were referring to (and probably where the leak is from due to faulty repair): Coolant Flow Diagram - 2.0L Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDI) Temperature Control Valve NOTE: The temperature control valve directs warm coolant to the transmission fluid cooler/warmer mounted on the transmission during transmission warm-up and allows the coolant to bypass the warmer when the transmission fluid reaches normal operating temperature. NOTE: At 38°C (100°F) ambient temperature, amber arrows indicate temperature approximately 82°C (179°F). Item Part Number Description 1 — Inlet open when energized 2 — Outlet 3 — Inlet open when de-energized Coolant Flow Diagram - 2.0L Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDI) NOTE: At 38°C (100°F) ambient temperature, green arrows indicate temperature below 82°C (179°F), amber arrows indicate temperature approximately 82°C (179°F), red arrows indicate temperature above 82°C (179°F). Item Part Number Description 1 8101 Pressure relief cap 2 8A080 Degas bottle 3 8C289 Degas bottle-to-radiator hose 4 8005 Radiator 5 8286 Lower radiator hose 6 8260 Upper radiator hose 7 8575 Thermostat assembly 8 8501 Coolant pump 9 8597 Coolant bypass hose connector 10 8597 Coolant bypass hose 11 6051 Cylinder head gasket 12 6049 Cylinder head 13 8K556 Coolant outlet connector adapter 14 18C553 Heater hose assembly 15 18476 Heater core 16 8K153 Turbocharger coolant outlet hose 17 8592 Turbocharger coolant outlet tube 18 6K682 Turbocharger 19 8555 Turbocharger coolant inlet tube 20 7A095 Transmission fluid warmer 21 18N345 Heater hose assembly 22 18594 Temperature control valve 23 6N745 Transmission fluid warmer-to-temperature control valve coolant hose 24 18472 Heater hose 25 6010 Cylinder block
  23. From the album: Miscellany

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