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The problem: I have had my 2007 Edge SEL for about 6 months. My last car had a manual dimming mirror which was always fine. The auto dimming mirror on the Edge never worked properly. If someone was directly behind me it wouldn't dim. I noticed that when the road had turns the mirror would dim when the car behind me was not directly behind me.


The solution: This morning I moved the position of the mirror as high as it could go in the mounting bracket. Next I put the center rear armrest down. The mirror is now functioning properly.


It seams that the headrest and rear wiper motor housing was blocking the sensors from direct view of headlights from the rear. I can't move the wiper motor but dropping the rear center headrest and raising the mirror position was enough to fix the problem.


This is a design flaw, I was wondering how many of you have this problem and if the design was changed in newer models.

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