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fuel pump?


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Sorry to hear, nc_edge! Is the battery pretty new? If it is more than 2-3 years old, it should be replaced. That's where I would start. These random problems start at the battery most times, especially with cooler weather moving in. If that that doesn't fix it, we can look at other possibilities. Please provide update on service history, mileage, etc.

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Original battery. 126k on odometer. Transmission flash at 30k. plugs and belts at 115k. oil every 5 and trans flush at 60 and 120.


i have a new battery. bought a project truck and figured i would use old battery in project until i figured out which direction i was headed with project.


battery hold down bolt snapped. while im certain plastic hold down is not threaded, it will not budge. bolt is white from corrosion not rust.


today i will see if it will start and try to get battery changed if i have to just hack the hold down to pieces with the dremel. then have battery system and old battery tested.


i have a fuel pressure tester that i will tackle today.

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