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P0451 CEL


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had this issue for months now, my boyfriend has scanned it, it goes on after a fill up then off after another fill up, we did buy a new gas cap but wondering if it has to be OEM Ford?

and the gas cap is cranked on correctly


tired of the damn CEL


thanks all

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Probably needs the purge valve/EVAP lines blown out, something is clogging them.



Could try an emissions-prep gas additive for the fuel tank to clear issues also like here:



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The part number for the hose assembly with fuel tank pressure sensor is AT4Z9C047A. Labour was 2.2 hrs for repair.


Fuel tank was lowered to perform repair.


I was able to clear the codes and it would stay away for about 5-800 kms and then come back on.


I could not identify originally where the sensor was actually located. I checked the fuel pump assembly schematics and could not see it nor in the top of the tank were they normally are located. I used a boroscope to look around up there but could not identify it. Eventually realized it was an actual hose assembly, not an in tank sensor. Location meant lowering the fuel tank so I had the dealer do it. My truck has 180,000 on it so the ESP Premium warranty was up at 150,000 kms


I cleaned out the evap can vent line first, it did have a spider living in it so I at first thought voila, but no luck. Code came back.


Codes were P0451 and P1450 that the vehicle presented with. No drivability symptoms were noted.

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