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Neither HID light working after approx. 1 year?

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Fitted them about a year ago, have worked fine (except for auto on, but have lived with that) and just today neither come on, no flickering or anything?

Going to investigate tomorrow, but wondered if anyone had experienced this and where I can start to start looking.


They are DDM HID's






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Did you tape it up or put some dielectric grease on it to prevent future issues?

I wouldn't recommend wrapping tape around a plug connection. Over time, moisture (in liquid form or vapor) will eventually find its way under the tape. And when it does, the tape will actually hold the water in, not allowing the moisture to evaporate causing even more rapid corrosion than if the plug connection was left uncovered. The best option is to squeeze a liberal amount of a good dielectric grease into both connectors, then plug them together. The dielectric grease doesn't hinder the electrical contact, but will seal any liquid or vapor out. I use it on all of my connections both inside and outside the vehicle. You can find it at any auto parts store.

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