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Vista Roof glass on EDGE 2008 isn't closed. Help!

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Hello. My roof of Vista Roof from glass well opens, but began to be closed badly, and now it remains open approximately on 10". I did initialization several times, it doesn't help, the electromotor doesn't have enough force to close a roof. Thus there are no outside clicks and sounds as some write. Simply it isn't closed, there is no force. Having read about the possible reasons here

I hope to lubricate runners (rails). Somebody can specify on the image where and how it is better to lubricate? What lubrication I can apply? There is enough WD40 lubrication or something on a litol? I very much wait for your councils, the winter goes.

P.s: I closed a roof very well pushing it into place, I it helped a t.a. At the end of the way it began to move better. Maybe someone will prompt other reasons and methods of elimination, I hope for you guys.

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Same problem here. Tracks are not the problem. I blew mine out with air and painted high quality lube into the track race surfaces. So the lube is not the problem. They were clean as a whistle to start with. I am now trying this info which if found online:



If you push the button to close the moon roof and you hear nothing , then maybe the motors are out of sync.

To sync the motors back up , start the car up, push the button to close the moon roof , if it does nothing then release the button and then push it again and hold it after 10 seconds the motor should start to move ,, it may go forward and then stop or just move a little , keep holding the close switch until the motors stop ,, then release the button and push it again and hold it down,, the moon roof motor and sun shade motor will open all the way and then close all the way and then stop ,,, then release the button ,,, and the system is synced up

there is two motors in the very rear of the headliner , one for the moon roof glass and one for the shade,, replace the one for the glass,, and after you install it , use a can of WD40 on the moon roof glass track ,, from the roof top , spray the front and rear of the track ,,( the slits in the rear of the roof is the rear glass track ) so the moon roof glass will move better ,,, then the new motor will have to be synced ,,



Read more: http://www.justanswer.com/ford/4yiio-ford-edge-2008-ford-edge-vista-roof-will-not-close.html#ixzz3WmQsRfvD


Start the engine.

If sunroof open, then press and hold the glass close switch until the glass is in CLOSED position.

Release, repress and hold the glass close switch (for at least 10 seconds).
- The glass panel will move toward the front hard-stop and stall.

- The shade panels will move toward their front hard-stops, stall, move back a few millimeters, then forward.

- After the shade panels have finished moving backward and forward, release the glass close switch.
Press and hold the glass close switch.

-The glass and shades will fully open together. Then, the glass will close first and then the shades will return to the fully CLOSED position. When the shades have stopped moving, release the glass close switch.
Initialization is now complete. Verify successful initialization by carrying out one-touch open, one-touch close, one-touch vent (glass) and one-touch open for the shades.

- If roof opening panel does not operate correctly, repeat Steps 2 through 5.

The glass close switch must be held during the entire initialization process or the sequence will be aborted and the roof will remain in a de-initialized state. Keep objects and body parts clear of the glass panel when carrying out the initialization procedure. During the initialization procedure, the glass panel closes with high force and cannot detect objects in its path

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