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  1. EDST777

    Fuel Pump Replacement

    Hello. How often do you need to change the AWD 2008 fuel pump, what is its resource from statistics on statistics?
  2. Any mods that are suitable for 1.0 and have an application interest, I'm looking for how to turn on the "dark salon" and "Euro radio", any thoughts!)
  3. what tool did you do it with, separately? did you find both parameters and then did the processing and comparison in Excel ? or is it possible to do this cp when searching on google?
  4. yes, latches are also an empty problem)))
  5. I am also interested in this question, but there is little information on it, strangely no one is interested in it.
  6. Buy headlight glass separately for 1.0 2008.Is it possible? I would like to buy headlight glasses for my car, as they are all beaten up with sand and still look good, but not as good as new. There is such a possibility in many other cars, a glass repair kit, but does our generation 1.0 have such a possibility? In addition, I am interested in the opinion of people who installed alternative headlights with two lenses, , if you buy such headlights and install LED lamps in them, perhaps this will be the best solution to improve lighting, who did it? From YouTube videos, it seemed to me that the simple replacement of regular headlights with updated ones with two lenses did not greatly impress the owners, they talked more about the beautiful view, but I need not just a good view, but also good lighting. Who did this, how can the light be improved by 1.0 generation and can I order glasses separately?
  7. Hi.Replacement of the rear silent blocks holding the RDU in the beam and in brackets .Has anyone ever done this? I am interested in replacing 4B424 ( 7E5Z 4B42 4D) and 4B425 (7T4Z 4B42 5B) silent blocks on my 2008 Limited AWD , I have never heard of their replacement here and have not seen a single mention on Yutube or the forum about it. It feels like they are eternal, but they are damaged for me, it's not critical, but it is. The damage lies in the fact that the rubber is torn off from the bushing, this can be diagnosed with a mounting mount by moving the gearbox along the axis of the car, while if you move the gearbox across (from side to side, left to right) there are no beats and bumps, no knocks. The rubber itself is not damaged, it is torn off from the aluminum central bushing. I was informed that such an operation option is quite acceptable, since it does not create transverse beats and knocks, there is only a small longitudinal displacement (I think so when the clutch is turned on). But it bothers me, and I would like to get the experience of those who paid attention to it. In addition, I have made statistics and almost all 1-1.5 gen cars currently have these silent blocks damaged in the same way as mine. It is strange that no one talks about replacing them, does not mention that they need to be changed. Any thoughts on this, thank you.
  8. Hi. I would like to find statistics on how popular Ford EDGE (1 gen -1.5 gen )2006-2010 , 2011-2014 is in the world and in the USA in particular. What are the official statistics on sales of this car in this generation. And how many of these cars are currently in operation in the world and the USA , what is the potential for the operation of this car in the future 5-10 years ? Any of your thoughts/ From my observations, this is a very popular model in these years of release, which occupies a fairly large part of the market in the USA, this is very noticeable by observing the road, the car is very common and the prospect of its popular operation and the potential for use for at least another 10 years. As far as I know, 1-1.5 is the best-selling generation of all the years from 2006 to 2023.Any of your thoughts. Thank you.
  9. Maybe someone knows the mods for 2006-10, it's just some kind of mystery and there are very few of these mods. I would like to purchase a mod for turning on/off the "dark showroom" function on a Ford Edge 2008 Limited with all-wheel drive
  10. EDST777

    2007 Edge SE AWD - Getting to know it

    Have you completely replaced the media system ? If this is true, then which one can you make an image on? I am thinking about changing multimedia, but I am concerned about the compatibility of the management of the new system with buttons on the steering wheel. Thank you.
  11. Interestingly, apparently no one has problems with latches for 2006-10 except me. LOL
  12. Hi, I will ask an additional question in this topic : does it make sense to recharge the EDGE 2008 refrigerant, during this time the refrigerant could decrease in volume, although I do not often use the air conditioner, but it also happens because of cooling, which I consider sluggish or otherwise not quite energetic or not what I would expect and want it to be. I have heard the opinion that recharging the refrigerant in store conditions will be much worse than the factory one, is this true or do I need to try? Any thoughts.
  13. EDST777

    2008 Ford Edge Limited rim help

    It's a good question, I was concerned about such research 10 years ago, then no one answered me, but I had another reason. When installing tires in the store, I had to remove the chrome caps, the workers were amazed at this wheel design on Ford (as well as many other solutions, in particular, mounting TPMS sensors on the wheel rim using a metal LOL clamp, which Ford later refused). They informed me that they would not be able to install the tire on the wheel disc without damaging the plastic caps. I had no time to figure it out and unfortunately I decided to remove the caps. I did not expect that they are so tightly glued and the aluminum under the hood will be corrosive at the edges of the wheel . Next, I searched for the central cups of this wheel for a very long time, since the wheel bolts were open, and the old cups did not fit in size. These wheels were installed, as I understand it, on many Ford 2004-2009 cars such as the Lincoln MKX , Ford Expedition EL or something similar , they got on the Ford EDGE 2008 as a premium bonus in the Limited version .To be honest, I understand how tires are mounted on these wheels in the USA without damaging the edge of the plastic hood, if there is such a video that I would like to watch it.This is my story with these disks, although the appearance of the disks themselves is great, later I repainted the disks, i.e. I use them without caps. It is interesting to find out any experience and thoughts about these discs 20" ET 44 .