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  1. Hi. Perhaps I carp at the car, but problems follow one after another, being hooked on one for one, possibly it is age of the car, 10 years, but I cannot but ask you here than... I began to notice when I expect on the traffic light easy, notable trembling of a wheel at the included provision D. As it seems to me trembling of the hydraulic torque converter as option, either operation of the pump of the hydraulic booster of a steering rack, or operation of the generator is transferred, but that that like it what I also wish to understand. As it seems to me, before it I did not notice, that is trembling of a wheel was practically not. I noticed that if in waiting time of the traffic light to turn a little a steering wheel to the left or to the right and to hold it in such situation, that is to give load of the pump of the hydraulic booster, then trembling, a tinkling sound decreases to comfortable, imperceptible level. What your thoughts in this respect, perhaps someone paid attention to it, perhaps you will advise me what I need to deal with. p.s.: last summer 2017 to me repaired a steering rack: took out it from the car and after repair established into place how option if at removal of a lath it was well not strengthened screws, such trembling is possible? But I think that I would feel it and during the movement therefore I give to this version the minimum chance.
  2. EDST777

    Control panel airbag light staying on

    I display the following mistakes: B1318-20 the Low charge of the accumulator, is connected with the fact that I installed the bad accumulator for two days to load the. Has no relation to this case. B1342-20 - Module of system of classification of the driver / passenger. Mistake, it is possible because I laid down easy subject on seat of the passenger and the bulb under the audio system which reports that pillow of Airbag it is disconnected shone. Or I do not know why it has appeared. LOL. I would like to hear from you, your opinion. B2293-20 Failure of airbag. Problems with spring of loop of wires or chains of joint are possible. Whether it is possible to receive PID of this mistake how to make it to learn PID? B1032-20 - the Short-circuit of electric circuit of the satellite antenna. The emergence reasons are unknown to me. B2312-20 - error of the sensor of horizontal feedback of steering of mirror. I think, has arisen accidentally after put mirror in parking situation and has pressed down it. I am disturbed by B2293-20 errors (to understand what part to change spring of hours or the position sensor). Your any thoughts.
  3. EDST777

    Control panel airbag light staying on

    Thanks, but I asked above a question, possibly it is not the position sensor of a wheel, but it is Air Bag Clockspring and in my opinion, having studied experience of correction of malfunction at other people, it is more suitable option for replacement and more probable. I am afraid to make the wrong choice of a detail and to order not necessary. It is strange that nobody speaks about it here, so it is the most probable cause, especially in my case because it occurs at turn of a wheel.
  4. EDST777

    Control panel airbag light staying on

    You mean it ?:
  5. EDST777

    Control panel airbag light staying on

    Hi, everybody. My observations yielded result. I found out that Airbag bulb, begins to shine when I turn out a wheel in left against the stop, thus I came to a conclusion that it is a problem of contact group of a wheel. I found previously that it is called Angle Sensor 8T4Z3F818A. It is that part which I suspect, or it is other part which settles down over it? Any thoughts. Thanks.
  6. EDST777

    Control panel airbag light staying on

    I have checked the safety lock 46 which is responsible for Airbag, it is serviceable! what else actions can be made for check. During the movement the badge sometimes shines sometimes it doesn't shine during the whole time of the movement. Any your thoughts please!
  7. EDST777

    Control panel airbag light staying on

    Thanks, isn't absolutely clear where to clean sockets? In the block of safety locks under a cowl of the car which is responsible for power of an airbag or it is necessary to clean those sockets which go on power of an airbag under a driver's seat and a chair of the forward passenger?
  8. EDST777

    Control panel airbag light staying on

    Hi! Such problem has appeared also at me. The accumulator is completely charged, but the problem has come with fall of temperature, this coincidence is possible. The badge of an airbag behaves on a miscellaneous, can not shine, can be lit in the course of driving. Any your thoughts on this problem how to eliminate it? Thanks.
  9. I checked everything when did the return assembly and have put all hoses into place, but I have no choice now, I plan to remove the rechargeable battery and the pallet under it tomorrow and to investigate a tube once again, I hope to me it isn't necessary to remove the peak acting forward for this purpose. I want to pay special attention to nipple connections from an inlet collector and from assembly before throtle. By the way, why the hose of the vacuum amplifier is connected in two places, it is made in order that the excess vacuum in a tube wasn't created when the pedal of a brake isn't pressed. I correctly think? p.s.: the father-in-law clear why one end is connected to an inlet path, from there just and the vacuum is created, but the second end is connected to assembly before throtle. This second end how I understand, performs function of discharge in a tube when the pedal isn't pressed or I am mistaken?
  10. Hi. After replacement of the vacuum amplifier of brakes, it seems to me that on single turns when pressing a brake there is an effect of easy vibration of the engine, engine misfires. It occurs for several seconds and vanishes. My question: somebody has such feelings after replacement of the vacuum amplifier of brakes? I haven't replaced a hose of the vacuum amplifier, but he was in a fine state, now I think of him. Where there is a backpressure valve, there can be it creates a problem. Any your thoughts. P.S. Also I have changed all spark plugs, have washed out a butterfly valve (throtle) and have replaced laying of a butterfly valve. I use the ForScan program for diagnostics: at the moment there are no mistakes. This easy vibration as it seemed to me earlier not, it is shown on single turns without pressing a pedal of a brake and when I press a brake during the parking. I ask again whether the hose of the booster which I haven't replaced and where the backpressure valve of the booster settles down can be the cause, it is possible that the reason in him? Thanks.
  11. EDST777

    Brake Booster DIY

    Thanks, a month ago, I have also made everything without removal of tubes the master brake cylinder. I want to tell all people who wrote about this many thanks here. Removal of leads of screen wipers was the most great difficulty for me, it is simply impossible to remove them without special tool, be careful not to make damage. I have dragged out works because of it for two days. A puzzle with extraction of the booster, I have solved much quicker, turn him by 180 degrees and take a reverse side.
  12. EDST777

    Help! The screw of a butterfly valve is damaged.

    Thanks for your thoughts, but in my city I am absent opportunities to go and ship a butterfly valve, on it time is necessary, the order is carried out within a month, all this time I won't be able to be mobile. It is also important that the cost of the order exceeds detail cost twice, for example in the USA, it occurs because Ford EDGE not really widespread model and a butterfly valve an exclusive part. It will cost me $300. Good news to think to stick together it, and not to lose operability of a detail, the price of repair of $5. It is just plastic screw which holds a spring for the initial provision of a butterfly valve. It is only my opinion. If to detat I was more available in every sense, I would replace her without thinking, but it is a problem, all this can be eliminated having stuck together a bolt and having recorded it a bracket, I regret that here the repair kit isn't provided, such as for laying of an inlet collector, it is only the ordinary plastic screw on a carving, I don't want to change because of him the whole, efficient mechanism under the name a butterfly valve for $300). Thanks for it of Ford). I have made it and at least so far it works.
  13. EDST777

    Help! The screw of a butterfly valve is damaged.

    I have made a bracket, having fixed the damaged screw and have in addition stuck it with two-component epoxy glue... but I still wait from you for your thoughts concerning purpose of this screw. About what has written this that above, he establishes initial opening of a butterfly valve, so? Thanks for any thoughts.
  14. Friends, the screw of a butterfly valve is accidentally damaged, I will attach images. My question: - perhaps temporarily to stick together the screw to operate the car, and to be mobile? - whether it is possible to replace only this screw? - additional fine tuning of a butterfly valve will be required? - whether perhaps to manufacture this screw on the lathe and to establish on this place? - what exact function of this screw? - whether I can remove a side black cover to stick together the screw without spring and then to insert a spring inside? This option how a temporary measure of elimination of malfunction is possible or it is better not to disassemble the case in general? What option of elimination of damage to me to choose, any your thoughts. Thanks. P.s.: Whether correctly I understand that this screw with a spring only creates a gap of a butterfly valve, initial, necessary for operation of the engine, to support turns of idling of 600 revolutions per minute and more on anything he doesn't influence. I am right or there are still some functions of this screw?
  15. EDST777

    Bad Moog Control Arms!

    Hi. I plan to replace Arm Control with right (the passenger party) what you think of quality of RAYBESTOS 5071644, it will be reasonable expenditure of money or to choose other brand? Thanks. P.S.: Also I wanted to learn about possible replacement by OEM Mazda CX-9, in network there are data that it is identical parts, here an example of it https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Ford-Edge-Lincoln-MKX-Mazda-CX-9-Front-Right-Lower-Control-Arm/323349761221?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D52885%26meid%3D6961e074d241482cb5271dfe71504e0b%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D121188405813%26itm%3D323349761221&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 It will be cheaper than OEM Ford, but it will be quality of OEM Mazda, economy is notable, these are about 30% from OEM Ford price. But I heard that there are reefs when replacing by OEM Mazda CX9 2007, as far as I know, it will be necessary to ship fixing bolts for Mazda as they have other step of a carving. What do you think of it? Any your thoughts. Thanks.