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  1. EDST777

    TSS & OSS sensor change & PCU

    hi, what did you mean when you said necessary, are there other bolts?)
  2. EDST777

    2010 water pump replacement

    Hi, someone knows where you can take the procedure for replacing the water pump, I am interested in the part of installing and removing the chains of extenders..., I want to try to do it on my own, in any case I would like to understand exactly how to install and remove the chains. From the Youtube video, I realized that a replacement can be done without a special tool to hold the camshafts if I replace only the water pump. Is that so? Thanks.
  3. EDST777

    2016 Ford Edge Titanium V6 AWD Acceleration Problem

    Hi, you dealt with the problem: sometimes after slowing down further - push at rapid sharp acceleration, that is, pressing the accelerator pedal?
  4. Hi. Now we have a summer and hot, temperature three weeks in the afternoon of 30-35 degrees Celsius. The last week the problem, this tick, freon gurgling is possible and clicking from under the dashboard around buttons climate of control, behind the audio system appeared. As soon as I turn the ignition key in provision 3, without starting the engine, I begin to hear tick and clicks. I heard it earlier, but periodically. Perhaps it is connected with work of a system climate of control because the problem appeared during a heat, and I use sometimes the conditioner. Somewhere I met information that the fan of the sensor of temperature of a climatic system can be a problem, it is possible? Any your thoughts. Thanks. P.S. I think, here https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/24192-2015-20-gurgling-ac-on-passenger-side/?tab=comments#comment-184282 the situation similar to mine is described.
  5. Ок, It is valuable information for me, means pads have limit and they can be regulated only at size of torsion of sprocket. I have spare pads and I will try to replace them. I will inform you. Thanks.
  6. not! But is much in public information on the Internet where it is specified that Ford zincs details of explorer, mustang, fucus,fiesta,escape,escort,c-max,ecosport,ka,mondeo,sierra,s-max,taurus,fusion, galaxy, maverick, fiesta, transit, gt, expedition. There are many models till 2019, but there is no edge. Possibly it so, but is strange that precisely nobody knows it. It is strange that have saved on Edge when for example escape zinc.
  7. Thanks for the clear and full answer, it just the fact that I wished to know before works, but then appears the following question: when using abrasive material (sand, Scotch-Brite) the zinc layer will be perhaps removed (if it there in general is present). It turns out about it it is not necessary worries? Or sand has to work so to try not to damage a zinc layer? As I understand, most of people who render such services, at preparatory work for painting of elements of the car out of the avtmobilny enterprise does not use restoration of a zinc layer on those elements where it was removed at abrasive processing and especially do not worry about it because at the correct repair of problems should not be even if zinc will be removed. I am right in the thoughts?
  8. Thanks. Thus you think that details (fender, doors) are not galvanized from automobile works? In network there is a lot of information that the majority of the Ford models have hot galvanization of all details, there are a lot of models, but among them I did not find Ford EDGE of the first and second generation. It is very strange and it is not clear therefore I ask this question. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I would like to paint chips (small damages of paint and varnish coating) which are on my car, but I would like to know the car body is galvanized, it was done? I did not find such information. Somebody can answer me? Also I am interested in experience of people who made painting of details, thanks for any thoughts.
  10. Hi. As I already wrote my rear brake plates in other subject have 160,000 km, and I think of their replacement. But after all I use them. My question concerns the maximum setup of the parking brake whether there is control limit more precisely? I know that the parking brake is adjusted rotation of sprocket, this rotation will press parking pad to disk. To what state it is possible to twist this sprocket, there is restriction after which limit pad of rear parking brake needs to be changed? My feelings, I rotate sprocket is greatest possible, but rear parking brakes poorly hold the car. I hope clear have told about problem. I want to learn whether there is limit of clip of rear parking brake after which control by rotation will not work? Thus I would like to learn how it is long possible to adjust back parking brakes that they worked for 100%? It depends on opportunities of adjustment of an asterisk or it will be possible until the back block of the parking brake is erased? Thanks.
  11. EDST777

    Replacement of a pulley of the generator. Resource?

    Ok, thanks, I will put tension of the generator for testing and to observe its output voltage! As for cleaning of a fuel system, I do it not often: I fill in in an empty tank of additive for cleaning of a fuel Hi- Gear Jet Plus or Techron. But I do it not regularly, once in two months on 78 liters of gasoline. Did you mean it when you spoke about cleaning start? I washed out a butterfly valve in the fall, then I found malfunction of the adjusting screw of a butterfly valve, about it I did a subject at this forum, I stuck together this adjusting screw, it functions still, I do not think that it influences this process though I would be glad will be convinced of it once again. I would be glad to make comparison of the Forscan parameters of my butterfly valve and other not damaged. It is possible? To be sure that the restored butterfly valve works correctly. I did not perform other cleaning works.
  12. EDST777

    Replacement of a pulley of the generator. Resource?

    thanks, very useful information. I am concerned by operation of the generator under loading, it means that when I gradually connect consumers of the electric power: the oven, brushes of windshield, radio, heating of mirrors, heating of seats, I begin to feel easy vibration on steering wheel from the generator. Therefore I would like to understand normally it, or such work is connected with some reason, for example with slackening of tensioner of belt or with the increased generator belt.
  13. EDST777

    Replacement of a pulley of the generator. Resource?

    thanks, what main signs of exit of tensioner of belt? I know from the forum tensioner there live about 250,000 miles?
  14. EDST777

    Replacement of a pulley of the generator. Resource?

    I would like to know how this part is reliable and whether there are problems with pulley? Whether there is such experience!? Thanks
  15. EDST777

    Replacement of a pulley of the generator. Resource?

    the pulley means changes only with the generator?