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Stainless door sill Questions

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I have some pretty bad scratches on my stainless door sill on the passenger side and was wondering if anyone had some repair methods. The scratches are not deep, but it doesn't look very good in my opinion. I was thinking that I could use some 000 steel wool and brush it with the grain.


Does anyone know if the illuminated door sills can be installed into the existing plastic sill trim? or do I need to purchase the whole sill panel in order to upgrade.

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I lightly rubbed the scratches with a scotch bite pad in the direction of the grain. Then rubbed the stainless with a cloth with white vinegar on it. I did this a few times over the last few days and also let the moisture sit on it. The white vinegar helps accelerate the formation of the natural oxidation on stainless steel the protects it from rust.. I'm pretty impressed with the results. It looks almost perfect.

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