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Heat has a weird smell?


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Driving to work this morning and had the heater set on defrost and floor as usual, and on low. I started smelling an odd smell, the heat was blowing out hot and hard as normal still but has a funky smell to it now. I turned it off and then back on a few miles later and the smell wasn't there, but on my way home it's back.


It's on all settings (defrost, vent, floor) I haven't tried the AC or anything besides heat (it's like 20 degrees outside!)


What could this be? I don't smell anything with it off, and there are no odd smells outside of the car.

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Im honestly trying to think of what to describe it as, or compare it to and my mind is blank.


Its not musty, or electrical or exhausty. I recently changed my cabin filter so ill double check that when I go out there, but I dont think its that. It doesnt smell like something that would be smelling from the filter, more of MAYBE like a sweet kind of smell.

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I havent posted in a few days - the heat has been fine.



Then I get to the carwash the other day, had the defrost on to keep the windows warm since it was like 10 degrees, and started to smell a burning oil smell. Not outside the car, only inside with the heat on.


Thats when I finally remembered to check all my fluids, everything looks/smells perfect. Nothing low, nothing mixed, etc.


I have only gotten that "funky" smell from the heat once or twice since, but its definitely a musty smell. What could cause that? I haven't emptied out my glovebox to get to check filter.

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Did you ever find out the source of the oil leak early this year? It could have returned. I had a PTU seal go bad on me, would only smell in the wintertime on startup.


Condensor and/or heater core may need servicing with BG FrigiClean or similar product, applied through the condensation drain. This should get rid of musty/mildewy odors.


EDIT: Per another recent post, some F150 owners had an evaporator coil leaking, creating an oil smell in the cabin. So this is another item you might have looked at.

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