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turbo cool down question


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I just purchased a 2012 SEL ecoboost,  I seem to recall one artcle that claimed a pump would circulate coolant after engine shut down to cool down the turbo, I don't hear any pump running after I turn off engine. Does anyone hear a pump running? i assume article was mistaken but if I have a malfunction of this nature, it might only show up years later due to coking of oil in the lines.


I must say, due to web research, i knew not to expect 30mpg on highway, but at the same time, a few years ago  the whole MPG estimate process was revamped to represent real world results, they even published revised estimates going backwards many years. obviously a flawed or failed effort.

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I don't know anything about the validity of what you read, but I can report that after 25,000 plus miles I haven't heard any noises like that.  The only noise I would expect to hear after shutting the engine off might be the electric fan blowing a bit, and perhaps metalic noise of a hot engine cooling off.


I think that the best use of the EPA rating is for the consumer to compare one vehicles performance to another during the buying process since they were all measured by the same 'yardstick'.  While some of us might appreciate a sub paragraph of explanation on the technichal aspects of the fuel economy results of the vehicles were considering for purchase, the majority of the buying population would just find it confusing.  I'm one of those people who'd love the details, starting with side by side comparisons of the torque curves of the eco-boost on regular and premium fuels.  Exciting reading!

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I haven't heard to this either, it's most likely a fan noise after shutdown.


The Shelby 1000, which is super charged does use a larger intercooler pump, which comes on before the engine starts and after the engine stops. Maybe something aftermarket on the Edge or a turbo that I'm not familiar with though.

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I read the article and did a bit of looking around the internet on the subject.  There isn't much to be found but from a few discussions I think I learned that the coolant is being pumped through the turbo system in a natural process called thermosyphon which is a form of natural convection.  Therefore there wouldn't be an actual pump running.

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