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BLIS notification LED dims?

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I just read in the owners manual the following regarding BLIS:

Day and night brightness
The BLIS and/or CTA alert will automatically dim when the headlamp
switch is in PARK, ON, or AUTO ON and night time darkness has been
detected by the sun sensor.


I have never noticed this before, and now after testing, I am sure that alert LED brightness does NOT change, it is always dim (hard to see during the day). Tested this by turning the Park/Headlights on and off while the BLIS was working, even when the instrument panel lights were dimming/brightening, the BLIS led brightness remained the same.


Can anyone confirm if theirs dim or not?

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The BLIS indicators in the outside mirrors are never hard to see on mine during the day or night. They are not too bright at night that I have ever noticed. Daytime has never been too dim.


Even though you are switching the light switch and the instrument panel dims, the manual says the sun sensor has to detect darkness. Have you tried covering the sensor when you do the manual headlight switch maneuvering?

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