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2012 Edge SE Wiring LED lights issue - Electrical help needed

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Hey gents!


So I have a dilemma. I am wiring a set of 12v LED strips to the footwells of driver/passenger side of my Edge. I'm using an 'add a fuse' ATM fuse-type module to hook into the #12 fuse on the driver panel (Courtesy/Interior light fuse). The fuse has two slots, one to cover the fuse for the existing module I presume and an extra slot for whatever accessory + is going to it. Naturally, I ran the positive wire to this line. The negative line from the LED I ran to a grounded bolt behind the brake pedal. Bam! The lights were on!


However, they WON'T turn off. The Courtesy lights will come on and off when you open the door, so I know there is no problem with the fuse slot. But I can't, for the life of me, figure why the LEDs don't shut off? Even with the car on or off, doors open or closed, its constantly on. Anyone have any advice to remedy this?


I included pic of how it looks currently and a pic of the add-a-fuse module as well as my setup.




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There is nothing wrong with your wiring except that you assumed that the courtesy light fuse would have power switched on and off like the courtesy lights. In fact, the fuse is in the circuit ahead of the switching so it provides constant (battery) power and your lights stay on all the time. A better option would be to tap into the power wire right at one of the courtesy lights using a ScotchLock connector and an inline fuse. That way you'll get the same switched power as the other lights.



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