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  1. I’ll see if I still have something.
  2. The drivers door sensor on my 13 SEL was replaced a few years ago under warranty. Lately, I have been getting door ajar warnings again for the same door. I have to slam it shut to cancel the warning. Has anyone had to replace the replacement switch? Of course my extended warranty ended 6 weeks ago. 
  3. The drivers door sensor on my 13 SEL was replaced a few years ago under warranty. Lately, I have been getting door ajar warning again. Has anyone had to replace the replacement switch? Of course my extended warranty ended 6 weeks ago.
  4. The 2013 uses a single bulb for high and low beam. So activating the dim/bright lever does nothing on both headlights? Activating the lever triggers the shutters (you would hear them moving) which blocks the top of the projected beam so as not to blind oncoming drivers ( low beam). For high beam, the shutter moves out of the way to allow the unobstructed beam to shine further down the road. I installed HID on my 13 SEL 5 years ago. Still going strong. Do you have daytime running lights on your edge? That would affect the type of kit you need.
  5. normcloutier

    2nd Gen OEM Pirelli Scorpion tire questions

    I have original 20" scorpions on my 13 Edge at 80000 km (50000 miles). I will be replacing them in the fall with another set of all seasons. I would say I'm a 3 nearly a 4 driver. Always wanting to get from A to B as quickly as possible. With the exception of extreme deep snow or freezing rain, I am pleased with the tires.
  6. normcloutier

    Slow seatbelt retractors 13 SEL

    The belt is not twisted or deformed. When I unbuckle it, I have to feed it into the retractor by hand. If I just unbuckle and let it go, I don't think it would retract. I will try the silicon spray.
  7. The drivers side seat belt retractor is very sluggish. Takes 3 seconds to fully retract. Is there a way to clean or lubricate the retractor so that it's back to speed?
  8. I had a door ajar issue with my 2013 SEL. Luckily it was replaced under warranty. Unluckily, I dealt with having the dealer try to fix the ongoing door rattle for the next 18 months after they replaced the latch. Had the latch not failed in the first place, the door panel never would have been removed causing the rattle.
  9. Is it possible to power a dash cam from the rear view mirror on a 13 SEL? I know the dash cams will all be different but how much current can you safely draw from that circuit? I have used the mirror tap products in the past for radar detectors and they work well.
  10. normcloutier

    Remove rear drivers door to fix rust

    I had my dealer fix it. Out of my pocket of course. $450.00 They pulled the door in order to clean, chemically treat and repaint the inside of the door.
  11. I have a 2013 SEL and as clean as my machine is, Ford's lack of seam sealer has done it in. I have rust on the inside of the bottom of the door on the round part above the wheel. It's on the seam between the outer and inner skins about where your hip would be if sitting in the back. Dealer wants to pull the door off, grind out any rust, chemically treat what they can't get out and then repaint and reassemble. All for a mere $450.00. I have extended warranty but not sure if it covers rust. I will have to check. Also have TriCare paint protection but that's just for acid rain, peeling paint, etc. My question is this. Has anyone pulled a rear door off a 13 Edge? If it wasn't too difficult to do, I could just deliver the door and re-install myself when they are done.
  12. The selection of wallpaper pictures I have for my 2013 SEL are pretty dated. Most are as old as the vehicle. Anyone have anything new and groovy? Not sure if the new Edge models use the same format.
  13. normcloutier

    Transmission damage?

    So my 16 year old learner driver son decided to widen my garage door opening with my service F-150. The F-150 bumper/garage door pushed my 13 SEL AWD which was parked in the garage ahead about a foot. Nice front wheel skid marks on the garage floor. Is there a possibility that transmission, axles, etc got damaged and if so, how would I know/tell?
  14. I have hid kit in my 13 SEL running for 5 years now. Changed one ballast couple years ago. I had my dealer change the daytime running light option from the headlights to the parking lights so that I could use factory wiring.
  15. normcloutier

    Remove rear drivers door to fix rust

    My rust is on the curved part over the wheel well. I always spray down the inside bottom of the door at the car wash. I haven't seen any rust in the bottom corner yet but I'll keep an eye on that now. On a side note, I took my Edge to the GM dealer (one of my co-workers knows someone there) and the guy that came out to look at my Edge thought it was new. I really must look after it well.
  16. normcloutier

    2011-2014 LED DRL kits

    I have the kit from Drivebright. Love it. Very visible during the day. I would definitely recommend it.
  17. I was putting a piece of furnace duct from Home Depot into my edge and accidentally hit the top of the rear passenger door panel. Of course being sharp as heck, the plastic got scratched/scuffed. No deep groove but the color of the plastic is lighter where the scratch is. I have medium stone interior in my 13 SEL. Wondering if there is a cleaner or wax type product that could blend the color back so it's not so visible. Any suggestions?
  18. I had the 60k service done on my 13 SEL last week. Upcoming service recommendation was to have the rear brakes done (pads were at 3mm) which would include new rotors. At 60k? New rotors? Rotors are perfect other than obviously 60k of use. No gouges or grooves. Is this just a money grab or am I missing something here? Looking for opinions.
  19. Yes, I highly recommend the one from drive bright. They are easy to change and look fantastic. Puddle lights are a nice upgrade too if your SE has them.
  20. <p>Here are a few pics. Engine compartment is a bit dusty but this is about as dirty as it gets without wet driving conditions of course.</p>
  21. I have washed under the hood of every single vehicle I have owned every time I wash the vehicle. In 35 years, I had one issue and that was with a 65 Galaxy 500. Distributor got wet and didn't fire. DO NOT USE HIGH PRESSURE. If your car wash wand still works on low when you release the handle, use that. If you wash regularly it will take very little to keep it clean. The engine on my 13 SEL is as. Lean as the day I picked it up.
  22. normcloutier

    Map update

    How can you tell if it's an oem card? I bought an A5 on eBay and even though it worked, the label didn't look legit.
  23. normcloutier

    Transmission "sport" mode misnomer????

    I think I posted this elsewhere but I had my sport mode fixed a while ago. They reflashed the PCM. Wow, what a difference. Even without using sport mode, there is a huge gain in performance. I always thought my edge was sluggish. I was told once that it was because I have 20" wheels on a SEL. Don't know why that would make any difference. Now driving in D is like using S and driving in S is just awesome. If your transmission goes directly to manual shift when putting the selector in S, HAVE IT FIXED. You won't regret it.
  24. Where would you get an intake tube without the holes? Alternately, anyone find a way to block the holes and reinstall the silencer? Doesn't look nice with it missing. Looks like something is missing lol