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Brake pedal sometimes becomes hard


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I have Ford Edge AWD 2009 model. Since last week I noticed that at times the brake pedal has become hard to press and sometimes it is normal like go down in the normal way and I am able to put emergency brakes but when it is hard it is difficult for me to put emergency brakes and car stops on its own and does not completely stops even when I press the pedal completely.


Please advice what may be the problem in your opinion.

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Any recent brake service?


Time to replace the brake booster, most likely. Have the master cylinder verified while the booster is being serviced. Don't want the master cylinder leaking into the booster and ruining it.


Just an FYI: If the pedal is too SOFT, that is, it goes all the way to the floor before any braking action actually happens, that is usually a master cylinder (could be a leaking brake line). And if it is in between normal & too SOFT ("spongy"), could be air in the system that needs to be bled.

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