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MKX Trim panel around Shifter

Reel Irie

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Greetings! We recently bought my wife a gentlly used 2013 MKX. The trim panel around the shifter has some pretty bad scratches in it and I am looking to replace. It is the trim around shifter with P - R - N- D - S


any help with a part# is greatlly appreciated



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Best to send Benny at Levittiown Ford an email. You can find his posts under the Forum Sponsor listings near the bottom of the main forum posts. Great service and good prices from what I have read, although I haven't had a chance to use him yet.


I did find one diagram showing that part, but only a partial number of 7D443 on it. That was from Ford Parts Giant, although that said it was discontinued. I find that hard to believe, but who knows. They were calling the part "Housing Assembly Selector Dial"


Better call Benny!

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