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Delivery checklist items?

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New member and first time Ford owner here. Picking up my 2015 Sport this weekend and wondering if there are any items I should ask the dealer to double check as they prep the vehicle. I've read that there is a leak issue on the passenger A pillar and the hoses / connections to the turbos should be checked to be secure. Anything else I should have them double check? Thanks in advance.

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It isn't just the passenger side, it can be both the driver and/or passenger side with the leak. If you have any signs of moisture in the carpet or a musty smell, refuse delivery. Inspect before you sign anything at the dealer.


But normally I check:


- Paint. I walk around and look very closely at the paint for any blemishes, scratches, dents, dull spots, etc.

- Wheels. I check to make sure the wheels are not damaged from being curbed

- Electronics. Make sure the windows go up and down, the hatch release works (from the fob, from the drivers seat, and from the handle on the hatch) and make sure it closes fine too (FYI....it kind of slams at the end and then pulls itself closed. Make sure the radio turns on and when browsing through the settings there isn't any errors or lag.

- Interior. Look closely at the interior for any rips, tears, stains on the seats and headliner. Look at the carpet for any signs of damage. Check interior plastic for any scratches/blemishes.

- Check the oil level and other fluid levels.

- Make sure the door for the gas filler opens and closes with no problem (push on it to open, and push to close).

- Check to see if doors open/close with no issue. (FYI...this car is pretty sealed up, so don't be surprised if you need to give the doors a little harder push/pull than you are used to)

- Test the windshield wipers.

- Test the horn

- Check the mileage

- Test sunroof (if you have one).


For the most part any issues that pop up later Ford will cover under warranty. So what you really want to focus on is damage done by some idiot porter who doesn't care. That means paint damage, wheel damage, and interior damage/stains.

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