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MFT with Sync.

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Most of what the "paid" Ford version offers you can find here & its FREE! Calling 408-752-8052. (ADD FREE) Identical reports, reporters, can save favorites- speech rec, driving directions.

The turn by turn directions-most report does not recalculate or not useful. Any smart phone with the apps ( google, mapquest, apple maps) or as most use now WAZE get a better experience & have FREE TRAFFIC.

Ford does not give FREE TRAFFIC.


I used to like Fords "send to sync" cause I have built in nav but Ford took away the Google send to sync- MapQuest (other option) over past 5 years has been SPOTY at best ! Many times off line or mapquest needs an update or it sends mixed https & http & ford cant handle. Besides what ANNOYED most people is MFT and MLT HAD the ability to take your download phone contacts-take the address portion of contact- & send to your built in nav- ( Any new address you wanted to go to - add into phone contacts & it would download to car & then to you nav- wow- BUT problem is for most it didn't work properly & Ford instead of fixing- just took feature away & said use the PAID Sync Subscription version.- When they offered free. And get this the 1 year subscription is $199 for Lincoln owners. No lower option. It was free,. Ford offers Ford owners a $60 but refuses to offer to Lincoln. How is that for Price gauging.

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