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  1. HEY!!!! After install of IOS 11 on my iphone 6+.... I did the normal "best practices" & deleted sync from phone & phone from car and did fresh pair & downloaded phone book. CONTACT PICTURES NOW SHOW UP ON PHONE CALLS----DID NOT SEE IT THOUGH ON TEXTS
  2. Thanks... The owner site for my vehicle shows 3.6 as last install. I ran a VHR & opened but nothing on site updated. When I pull up in vehicle I see CCPU/SW: 3.08.15128.ea.10_Product ...I guess I do have 3.8 & there was been nothing newer since now Ford moved on with Sync 3. BTW I also see where sync services is no longer for purchase. GOOD!! way back $200 for linc but only $60 for Ford- & most features were avail elsewhere free. That was an issue that I guess in time is now in graveyard. .
  3. 8/14/17 been away for while... Last update I have on my 2011 Linc MKX is Sync 2 3.6.... back in July 2015. Was there any more for the Edge/MKX prior to moving to sync 3? Yes- I did check web site but that has been unreliable in past as to the updates that were there & then not there & then back etc.
  4. I know it is sync 3 related but since mod referenced an old MFT rant of mine on features that do not work the way you wanted - I added my experience with MFT & was wondering if some things were changed on Sync 3 - since I have not seen
  5. SO in Sync 3 you can add direct coordinates? NICE...I ranted on this a while back for those that didn't catch the reference . The times you might use are : When you directly save a spot that you are at & want to go to those exact coordinates, If in a state park to get to a specific spot (waterfall) , or a camp site specific spot , or royal parts of our states where no cross street or address just a RR, or web sites that a destination POI that gets you to their corp office vs the attraction... Other MFT wish list rant was on a remote start with the heated seat and heated steering wheel - feature only activated at 32 or below & owner could not go into an advanced setting to make it say 34 or 40 or always on setting on a remote start... Impress me & say that Ford added/addressed that nice feature....
  6. Looks like Ford is at it again not allowing the customer to do what they want. I want to delete 1 of 25. Sorry - Master reset to blow away EVERYTHING!! Geeze that is like MFT that really only needed a reboot with its many issues - but all the Ford's advise was to Master reset & blow away everything- then we got smart and got the reboot app.
  7. The heated steering wheel and heated seat with remote start is a nice feature. my '11 has it...only issue is FORD hard coded 32 degrees as the on off determination...no option to set it to say 33 or 38 or always on w/ remote start ...33 is still cold on leather & useless remote start feature when won't turn on
  8. SO why did Ford remove the feature that is really there? It is there on my 2011.
  9. We are approaching 1 year since this update was released... Are we done with updates for MFT/MLT now that there is a Sync 3? Or is another update in the works? I'll ask for an ~ ETA but based on past I assume can't give us an ETA? Will we every see Apple car play on the MFT/MLT platform?
  10. drpepper

    Map update

    Interesting ...thanks for the info
  11. I do like the option I have of changing the temp from the small right screen...and not using voice or the main Big center screen And some people just like the very cold air on demand & no guess work of what temp setting to get - so no auto setting for them -or some like very cold air all the time but at low fan speed so they also would not use auto Just as an FYI: I have a 2011 & lived through all the missteps of the multiple MFT/ MLT releases....at 1 point Ford took away the fan speed display on the big center screen along the bottom ( in home screen mode) - even when you changed the fan speed- no indicator. I yelled & posted a lot back when ford had their owner forum, I even emailed a Ford engineer. Ford did bring back the fan speed indicator along the bottom but only "on demand" when you changed fan speed it popped up on display- shows the number of bars & then disappears in a few when done. SO I know the frustration of not "Seeing" it & then after some time & updates- seeing it again.
  12. drpepper

    Map update

    As many have said over & over- It is a BIG MONEY maker to use a car companies nav .... They could make map updates cheaper or could actually make them more current with the actual street updates or include traffic ( biggie) ..... yea yea- they could not outsource so you have that as a don't blame Ford it is the other guy that is setting price & all that stuff... I have built in nav- (came with fancier package) & yes big screen is nice & has done a nice job ....but with Ford choosing no TRAFFIC- oh wait PAY for it via Sirius- I use Waze on my smart phone & it draws very little data. So many others seem to use Waze as well. The other added features with app like Waze: sharing your route and eta, alerts of hazards on side of road, cop alerts...do add Much more value.... I have used Goggle & Mapquest & it does just seem like personal preference.
  13. drpepper

    Failures after A7 Map Update

    take a short vid on your phone of the issue- contact dealer & call 800# and get a regional rep to open a case file. Don't mess around any more & request that the apim be replaced while still under that special extended warranty for that specific part. Been many posts in the specific TB or code that Ford issued in subject.
  14. VHR is not part of the paid Sync Services..(just saying) Also as we have seen the VHR doesn't really do much but drive traffic to Ford web site & dealer ads
  15. drpepper

    Failures after A7 Map Update

    Most times when there is no lines in the back up camera that requires dealer reprogramming