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2011 headlamp-halogan or JID

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HID lamps are not illegal in Canada if equipped from the factory. Technically, changing a halogen headlight to HID is illegal. And certainly, changing a halogen reflector headlamp to HID is a foolish and potentially dangerous thing to do because of the extraordinary glare it causes for other drivers. But replacing a halogen projector headlight (as in recent model Edges) with HID, while still illegal, generally does not cause the same glare issue and usually works quite well. There is one caveat that is specific to Canada - the daytime running lights (DRLs) will have to be changed. In normal halogen headlight equipped vehicles, the DRLs are the headlights run at lower voltage. HID ballasts don't function properly with that lower voltage so you'll have to have your dealer reprogram the DRLs to run the amber turn signal lamps instead of the headlights.

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