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SEL leather seat

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Hello guys,


I am in the market for a new car, and I Really like the Edge in its SEL declination.

Now, I am a sucker for GOOD seats, the leathers ventilated one in the Sport are perfect but this model is just too expensive for me.

So after trying out all the other version, it seem to me the least uncomfortable ones after that are the "LE" leather seats founds in in the SEL. The only problem is they seem kind of narrow, pushing on my thighs for some reason. FYI I am a tall athletic slim guy, so I can't imagine how a slitghly overweight person feel in it?


When I mentioned this to my salesman, he went on a long explanation how went through a Ford training where they explained that is the way theses seats are made, and they are supposed to adapt to your body, and fit only you afterward. While this sound like regular dealership baloney, is there any truth to it?


Thanks for any input, as this could be a deal breaker to me...

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There is zero truth to that nonsense.


LOL seats in a car "adopting" to your body from the factory. Not happening.


Think about how that would work out with Rental companies....would cause an issue.


Your dealer sounds like a snake and is trying to convince you to get the vehicle even though you have a problem with the seats.


At this point I'd look in to using a 3rd party upholster to see if they would be able to custom fit something for you.

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It is true that your body will adjust/adapt to some seats where they may feel a bit uncomfortable at first but you get used to it. One example is going from really soft seats to firmer seats that offer more support but may feel hard at first but get more comfortable as you go.


That doesn't mean the seat changes or that it would solve the problem you noted, but there is a bit of truth to it in certain cases.

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Sport seats are awesome. Love them. A little bit worried about their dirt resistance though - I mean standard leather is easier to clean than suede.


I'm used to suede as this is what I have right now, and all you need to do is to wipe them with a slightly wet cloth one in a while (before a really hot sunny days is the best to let it dry). Takes care of the dirt really easily :) Edited by JS Labonte
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Is Ford Employee Pricing Event available in Quebec as well? If so, you have 5 days left.

For me Employee Pricing Event + Costco membership + some negotiations saved almost $7K that moved my target from Titanium to Sport.

Yes we have employee pricing, but wow, 7000$ is pretty good Vadimus!

Employee pricing on the Sport is 4400$, costco membership 1000$ off. So I take it you were able to negotiate 1500$ off the sticker price Vadimus ? :)

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