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Transmission Shift Issue


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Purchased my third Edge/MKX a few months ago. My 2015 Edge Sport AWD has <1100 miles on it. After a short trip (< 2 miles) and placing the car in Park while idling for a minute, I put the vehicle in Reverse and backed out of my parking space. When I shifted to Drive and pressed the accelerator, the engine began to rev, but the vehicle would not move. Another gentle rev, and the car jerked forward as the transmission engaged. Shifts to higher gears were smooth and flawless. However, as soon as I came to a stop, the same issue returned: pressing the accelerator, the engine revs, but the vehicle does not move - and then a hard "shift" into 1st followed by jerking forward. Roadside assistance towed the vehicle to my selling dealer where they were able to experience the same issue. The solution was to reset the KAM. They road tested it and returned the vehicle to me. I drove it home and it worked flawlessly. The next day, I drove fewer than 10 miles with no issues. The following day, I drove 2 miles and parked the car. When I got back into the car and backed out of my parking space, the same shift issue returned. Roadside assistance will be towing the vehicle back to the dealership tomorrow morning. I'm desperate to get this fixed correctly and permanently. Anyone else having a similar issue or have suggestions? I loved my 2008 MKX Elite and my 2014 Edge Sport; the 2015 is not building confidence.

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I have a '07 and have s similar issue with reverse. Had a hard shift issue between 3rd and 4th after my spark plug change. Local shop tested it, reset it and it continued. They called a transmission shop and they suggested a flush and flash. Did the flush and it helped with the forward shifting, but the flash is dealer only and out of budget for the month. Still have a lag going from Drive to Reverse.


Shop did find something about a flash having to do with a new valve body, but the sound of cash registers going off drowned out what they were saying exactly. Granted, our cars are years apart, but I'm not sure if the tranny changed that much.

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Could be a Transmission Range Sensor (TRS) or a faulty shifter.


In previous years, a similar problem has been addressed in this TSB 07-5-2:



and TSB 10-21-2:



The 2015 Sport uses the 6F55 transmission, the big brother to the 6F50 used in the original 3.5-engined Edge/MKX.

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