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2015 Edge SEL Ordered.....and Issues


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New to the Forum and first time poster. Here is the condensed story: I tried to buy a 2015 Edge SEL from the dealer in September. Turns out it was one with the deadly windshield leak. It was recalled, I was told, to be destroyed. Dealer looked and could not find one comparable so they ordered one. Order went in and eventually I got an ETA date of 11/2. That changed to 11/9, then 11/14, so on.


Dealer has been (I think) straight up with me. He shared notes from their 'rep' at the factory and this is what I know as of now. The car shows as built on 11/2; however, it still shows as 'processing'. Dealer thinks this means there is a shortage of some part or parts so the car has been moved aside to be completed later.


Has anyone seen or heard of similar? Am I hosed because it is so late in the 2015 year and most of their attention and efforts are in gearing up for 2016 production? Dealer has provided me with the window sticker, VIN, invoice, internal tracking docs, and notes from the factory person who apparently communicates with the dealers. Still, no one has a detailed answer as to what's going on, what the missing part (if that's the issue) might be, or what.




I like to tell myself they ran out of Touch units and they will go ahead and put a Sync 3 in my car. One can dream.

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