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vista roof fix before replacing motor

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so my 2010 edge has the vista roof and it worked fine when I purchased used in 2013...then it started to close very slowly and at times I would have to pull it shut.it got to the point I was afraid to open it for fear it would not close and that isn't something I wanted to deal with. so I of course assumed the motor would need replaced and I began to research how this is done and cost.. dealer cost starts at 1000 dollars and can get as much as 2500.....no thanks!! I purchased mine used and do not have extended warranty. so I researched a lot and found this to be a common problem with these. found that cleaning and lubricating the tracks can often fix the issue..there is a video posted in these forums using tweezers and cotton balls to thoroughly clean all the old dirt and crap out of the tracks...so I figured I would try it...I was worried it wouldn't work and the roof would be stuck open because the last time I had used it was several months prior. but figured no guts no glory ...so I used the method posted in the video.i cleaned the tracks thoroughly and there are more than just the obvious... the video posted using hydraulic grease ....I actually called my local dealer and asked what they used and very shocked that they said come down and we will give you a free can!! so I used the factory recommended lube after cleaning...it closed much better.. I then re initialized using the procedure also found in another forum...and happy to say it is working ! still about a 9 sec close which isn't the quickest but I believe the motor probably isn't 100% because of use when the tracks were dirty and dry and the motor working harder to close probably took away some life. anyway here is a pic of the lubricant I used and prolly have to make this a regular service and maintenance thing once or twice a year...hope this helps someone ....there are very little details on actually changing the motor...3 videos posted by a german guy but doesn't detail steps to get headliner out and I really don't want to get into the headliner unless I absolutely have to!


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