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Aftermarket head unit for 2015 Edge SE


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I just purchased a base model 2015 Edge SE earlier this week. Will the Kenwood DDX9902S work as an upgraded head unit and fit the vehicle? I tried to look it up on Crutchfield, but their site says "We haven't fully researched your car" when I input a 2015 Edge. However, when I put it that it is a 2014 Edge, it says it fits and lists the installation gear that I would need.

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Okay, thanks for the info. The base model came with everything I cared about except leather and a head unit that does Android Auto (for me) and Apple CarPlay (for my wife). I'm getting the leather done for free from an upholstery shop that owes me a favor. As for the stereo, even the high end factory ones didn't include Android Auto or CarPlay, so why bother getting one of them.


I've decided to wait on getting the leather done until next year, so I can get a little use out of the brand new cloth seats and also so I have something to get to be excited about again after the vehicle's "new car feel" inevitably wears off. I guess I'll just wait on the stereo, too. I mean, I use my phone for everything, anyway, so I can just use a phone mount and Bluetooth audio like I was in my last vehicle until then.

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So my intention was to eventually upgrade the head unit with an aftermarket one capable of doing both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Probably the Kenwood DDX9902S that I installed in my wife's 2011 Buick Enclave, or, more precisely, the newer version that Kenwood just showed at CES.


However, I just read that Ford is going to be supporting both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on their 2017 Sync 3 units. Also, they said they would eventually be releasing it as an upgrade to their 2016 Sync 3 units, as well.


What is the chance that I could simply purchase a 2017 Sync 3 unit, once they are available, or a 2016 Sync 3 unit, once they've been updated, and install it in my 2015 Ford Edge SE and be able to use Some CarPlay and Android Auto?

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was going to post if anyone has experience simply using one of these units to replace the head unit and get the ugprade




seems like it would be easy, but im not exactly all that knowledgeable on installing new units.

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I got my EDGE SE 2016 with 4.3" screen, I bought a Chinese android HU and it fits perfectly, great quality sound, keeping steering wheel control, internet hotspot, many other functions. The issue is with the rear backup camera, when I put the transmission in reverse the unit recognize needs to read the camera and shift the screen to black but with a message "No video signal", for some reason that I don't know it is not getting the video signal. Any in this forum know the camera wiring diagram?

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