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So I switched over to HD for the truck, BUT I can't find anywhere what bulb the bottom "fog" lights are. I want to change those so they match the coordinator HID'S I bought. .. I don't think it looks good how it is now. Any one know what bulbs they are ? I'm in a 2013 sport

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That deff helps ! I found a lot more options searching daytime running lights. I guess there's no option to get them to match my HID's. It's just straight LED. I'll have to do some more research...maybe just change them to amber. Who knows. Ugh the struggle. Lol I did read on another forum though that they have the option to dim....I don't see that option in mine now ! I didn't really pay attention tho, they may not have been talking about the originals the truck comes with. I just hate that they don't match ! Drives me crazy

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