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Hate ford

Help 2011 ford edge back left door ajar

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Can someone please help me what wire do I have to cut and ground to make the back left door ajar go away

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Have you though of replacing the switch?

Removing the rear door trim panel is simple enough:

-Remove the handle bezel by pulling off the screw cover, removing the screw and the the cover itself

-Lift and remove the door window control switch matt

-Remove the screw

-Remove the 6 trim panel screws

-Disengage the bottom of the trim panel edge by pulling outward to disengage the push nuts

-Lift trim panel upward out of the belt line moulding

-Remove the trim panel for door and disconnect electrical connectors.


With trim panel off, you now have access to the latch assembly with the failed switch. From the looks of it, you should be able to remove the trim panel in five minutes.


I remember seeing one video on YouTube where the fella was able to remove the switch from the latch without removing the latch. (Takes more time, but removing the latch may prove to be the better way to go).

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