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In process of buying 2014 Edge, advice on "to watch for issues" & buying extended Warranty




I've found the 2014 I was looking for. The dealer is preparing it for our test drive over the next few days.

I would love your input on two issues. I've read through all these post and have these two follow up questions.


1. Any issues I should keep an keen eye out for while test driving? ( I think I'll get to drive it for a couple days)


2. Advice on Extended warranty. While I've not usually been one to buy extended warranty, I'm considering it since this car will be so high tech compared to our other cars. We are not handy peeps here and will have to take in when something goes wrong. So, I've discussed busing certified for an extra $1,000 which gives us 12mo/12,000 bumper to bumper. But, I saw someone mention https://www.floodfordesp.comin a post and I checked it out. How does this all work. Those prices seem to be a nice between the certified cost and Ford's advertised extended warranty pricing. This 2014 was manufactured on 11/7/14 but sold on 1/20/15.

Do I have to purchase this plan when I buy car: which will likely be before the 20th of Jan.?

Can I buy the floodfordesp plan from dealer or from floodfordesp . Any advice is welcome.


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Sheesh, nobody answered you?  I suppose. You boughtnthe Edge, hope so.

AWD has lots of documented TPU concerns, FWD not.

Lots of coolant change for the water pump threads.

I cant think of much else. Oh, Flood and maybe one other place are deep discounters for the actual Ford ext warranty.

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