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  1. 14AWD3.5

    Walmart Supertech fluids

    Appreciate the input. As opposed to my finicky RAM that can only digest real AT-4 fluid or suffer tranny damage, perhaps the Ford 6 speed can handle it. Hope so. It sure is an easy pan drain, takes maybe 20-30 minutes total including the cleanup. Makes keeping the trans fluid fresh not so much of a chore.
  2. 14AWD3.5

    PTU Care

    Flushed twice with (real) Mercon LV by turkey basting draining the reservoir, going lock to lock with the top off to “burp”, then siphoning out again. Never helped though.
  3. 14AWD3.5

    Any ideas for turning off AWD?

    I would wonder why bother turning it off/disabling it anyway? Mine seems to not cost me any mpg penalty based on sticker ratings, so what's the advantage?
  4. 14AWD3.5

    PTU Care

    4th PTU fluid change at 72K. Same Firestone, same cost, the fluid looked fine, no smells, no drips. Kinda' hate to keep changing it every 20K but guess $100 is cheaper than $1600... Though I wonder if I can stretch the intervals out to 30K now that its been done 4 times. Other than the persistent rpm dependent power steering pump whine, the car has been a gem. Consistent 24 mpg's per dash meter on highway at appx 65-70. I just can't get the ps unit quiet and Ford refused to do anything just before the ext warranty ran out at 70K.
  5. 14AWD3.5

    2016 AWD RDU Oil Change?

    On my gen 1 2014 I had it serviced at appx 70K at 6 years old. Gear oil still looked fine. Used synthetic gear oil. Reason I did it was age and a bit of U-Haul towing. Tiny rear end punkin' though... So it's probably good for another 100K now. Just how much does the rear end ever engage anyways?
  6. OK at the risk of automotive fluid heresy, having watched a couple Farm Project videos, one of which was on Supertech oil vs others, the result was that it was fine to use. Question is, what about the Walmart non-branded Mercon LV? And strangely enough it also says Dexron usage too... I had drained the trans pan, appx 6 qts 2 weeks ago and used the $18 jug (1 gallon) of WM Mercon LV instead of O'Reilleys $6.85/qt Mercon LV. Trans sounds and shifts the same after about 1,000 miles on it (course that's less than 50% mixed). What say you all? A - it's ruined, get ready to replace it B - maybe not the best practice but ok C - oil branding is all hype
  7. Late reading and replying but on my 14’ Edge the Firestone charge for the PTU and the RDU services was $230 total. I’ll never need to do the RDU again but obviously the PTU needs more frequent services than once every 70K...
  8. 14AWD3.5

    Dealer PTU response.. never changed fluid?

    I’ve been to 2 Ford dealers. The one I bought the Edge from happily changed the fluid along with a trans flush. Then I moved and the 2nd one had no clue about the PTU changes and said it was uneccesary cause it’s lifetime... so I went to Firestone ($100) and although they had never done one, they listened to my explanation from the forum and they did it. I’m going back now 30K later for another change this month. You’d think a service advisor would read some Ford vehicle forums just to keep up on what owners were finding. Their service centers try to upsell everything under the sun as it is anyway... All I can say is to try an independent shop if your dealer refuses like my local one did.
  9. 14AWD3.5

    Surprise in spark plug change

    Got the dealer to do it, $230 total.
  10. 14AWD3.5

    Transmission Fluid change.

    Regarding the 85-90% statement, I had already siphoned out multiple quarts so by draining from the pan bolt that made something like 15 qts having been drained and refilled. As far as the ramps, they were some industrial version (as opposed to the WalMart variety) from the auto mechanic across the street. It was all I could do do to lift and carry one of them at a time. Mixing fluid, well, guess I’m no purist. A 1/12 qt ratio doesn’t really bother me. It’s being redrained from the bolt within a month anyway. But I do appreciate all your concerns. I’m more concerned with the power steering pump whine I now get since I siphoned out and refilled 3x (after bleeding). The whine won’t go away. Maybe it takes after its owner, I dunno’.
  11. 14AWD3.5

    Ford Edge 2014, losing power, hesitation, shaking

    Can someone give me the campaign info for the throttle body? I tried googling and didn’t see anything for 2014 (“certain 2015”). March 4, 2014 — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has closed their investigation into throttle body problems in Ford vehicles after Ford agreed to fix about 1,600,000 cars and SUV's. Apparently Ford doesn't want to call it a recall, and NHTSA says it's not a recall. Instead, they are calling it a massive "customer satisfaction program" that extends the warranty of the electronic throttle body (ETB) for up to 10 years of service or 150,000 miles. NHTSA opened the investigation in February, 2013, after thousands of complaints about ETB failures in model year 2009-2013 Ford Escape, Fusion, Mercury Mariner and Mercury Milan vehicles. The affected vehicles are equipped with 2.5L and 3.0L engines that seem to stall and lose power. I have a 2014 (3.5). Don’t see that listed on the internet under a search for: 2014 edge throttle body campaign...
  12. 14AWD3.5

    Surprise in spark plug change

    Hmm, I have 64ish K now on my 14’, guess i’d better get it done. About how many hours did it take?
  13. 14AWD3.5

    Terrible mpg

    Be nice if OP would respond with what it was, you never know if it would help someone else but...
  14. Noise/whine came right back within a day even with Mercon LV. Guess it still has air trapped in it. Tried lock-to-lock turns about 25 times to burp it out but still there. Not too loud but can be heard. Oh well, at least the fluid is much cleaner.
  15. 14AWD3.5

    Transmission lines - changing fluid

    Just break down and change from beneath using the drain bolt, 7/6” I think, up at the front of the trans pan. 5 qts. If in doubt just measure what came out and replace same amount. My 2014 uses Mercon LV, yours might be Mercon L. I borrowed steel ramps but they were too high, the pan actually tilted backwards so I had to “edge” it down backwards on the ramps till it was more level. Chock your tires!