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  1. I can add to this (14' Ltd 3.5, non-tow package) as when I added the UHaul hitch and wiring, they didn't ask or care about the limits. I towed a 6x12 covered loaded with furnishings and it probably was close to 3K (the 6x12 trailers are heavy empty). I just made sure to stay at 60 or less, gear down when climbing hills, kept a good distance from other cars and watched the temps closely. Since you are in Fl, you don't have hills, but you do have heat. If you haven't already done so, flush your tranny fluid after a big tow (unless you are towing periodically, then just keep the fluid fairly new, at least annually). Several tranny fluid threads exist, you can pay a dealer (appx $250), or do it yourself via the drain plug (appx 3.5 qts in the pan so you'll need to do this at least 3x) or do what I did which was siphon out of the fill tube (same hassle, have to use a lot of Mercon LV as the old mixes with the new). I haven't looked much but there are ways to disconnect the outlet line from the cooling portion of the radiator which you can use to pump the fluid out, see YT videos, MacT has info too.
  2. 14AWD3.5

    latest nav card

    I was at my dealer looking for the A11 card (list price $150) last week and the parts guy said mid-March.
  3. 14AWD3.5

    Transmission Fluid change.

    Ok thanks. I may buy a set of ramps one day. i changed out 2 more qts of ATF this pm, the fluid is now reddish-pink. Getting there... 6 more qts sometime next month and that will be it. Total cost will be less than 50% of the dealer’s price and that includes the pump. The other thing will be not “shocking” the trans with all new fluid (if you subscribe to the belief that fluid changes can upset the delicate solenoids).
  4. 14AWD3.5

    Water Pump repair

    I'd trade it sooner than later. If you don't get it flushed (coolant) then get rid of the problem. Normally a car doesn't cost you so much for deferred maintenance item(s) but since the Edge (AWD) has both issues (PTU and water pump) it's a potential fiasco if you don't keep it maintained.
  5. 14AWD3.5

    PTU drain plug

    If you were keeping it for a year I'd change it. Why risk a failure and the subsequent expense? If you were trading it this month then no. Just my 1.5 cents.
  6. 14AWD3.5

    Transmission Fluid change.

    So where do you jack up the front from? What suspension component do you use with a floor jack to raise the front up?
  7. Ok for the one person who’s reading this, the second full flush with another qt of Mercon LV has quieted the pump. Guess it didn't like the generic OReilleys ps fluid.
  8. 14AWD3.5

    Transmission Fluid change.

    Well I started it today, the Harbor Freight pump is exactly the same as the one from the auto parts store so save yourself $10 and go to HF. The problem with their included hose is that it kinks easily. The second issue that I found is that if you tape up the hose to pump connections (so the hose doesn’t come out of the siphon pump itself), then the hose collapses on itself as it creates too much of a vacuum. (See update below) Last and biggest problem is that there is a restrictor in the Edge’s dipstick tube which only allows an 1/8 inch diameter tubing to go down into the transmission pan. The 3/8” tube that comes in the syphon will not go down the fill pipe. Fortunately there was a short length of 1/8” included in the siphon kit. I could only get 2 quarts out, and it was a slow process because the tube still tried to collapse upon itself and the 1/8 inch did not allow for a large volume transfer. Probably took me 20 minutes to get out that 2 qts. (See update about temp of fluid) With less than 50,000 miles on this transmission fluid, it was browner than I would have liked (No red, all brown). So I’m going to continue with a slow process of extracting 2 qts at a time. If you have a floor jack and the necessary ways of blocking your car up with, you likely will find it much quicker to drain out the 3 or 3 1/2 quarts by using the drain plug. Sadly, I do not have a floor jack or anything else, and frankly it’s not worth $150 or more in parts to buy a floorjack and jackstands. I don't wrench much. I’ll let you know how things continue. Oh, you will need a long neck filler funnel to get down to where the transmission fluid opening is, your standard funnels will not reach. I had to cut the bottom out of a 1 liter water bottle and invert it. Sigh. Amateur follies! ***Update, later same day. When the fluid is fully warmed up the hose doesn’t kink as much yet it still takes a good 10 minutes to siphon out 2 qts. I did that twice more so there's been 7 qts changed out now. I still have 2 more qts to do later this week, which will get me roughly 50% changed out, give or take. I'm going by the color of the fluid, as I have no idea how well the fluid has been diluted and thus has been replaced... So is using the siphon pump worth it? Not really, if you give your time any value. However, if you are like me and see no need to buy a floorjack and stands just to do this service then yes, it's ok. One advantage of the siphon is that if you don't want to deal with 3-3.5 qts flowing out onto the ground/floor and then pouring all that off, it is easier to just pump out a "measured amount" like 1-2 qts, then pour that fluid into the new/old 1 qt containers and recycle that. One last "plug" for only draining a portion as opposed to a complete flush for those who have put off changing their fluid to like 90-100K miles. There's so much controversy on the internet and on YouTube videos about whether or not you should do a complete flush. All I can tell you is that my local Firestone now will not do a complete fluid flush on higher mileage vehicles just because of the liability for the transmission... They refused to do mine, and I only had 63K.
  9. 14AWD3.5

    2013 Edge Rear diff fluid change.

    I had Firestone change mine out (drain and fill) at 60 ish K, probably didnt need it but it’s done for life now. It cost about $100, I was having the PTU fluid done at the same time so figured why not.
  10. 14AWD3.5

    Transmission Fluid change.

    I will try it Sunday or Monday and report back. I have 8 qts of Mercon LV fluid now, which when mixed likely won’t be much more than 50%, if that, of really new fluid. I only have 64K on it so it’s not like it’s really old. I will measure how much I can pull out of the dipstick tube so peeps know how that works.
  11. I ended up calling Ford parts and they said it is a 2.4 pint capacity, so just over 1 qt. The parts guy said use Mercon 5 but LV would be ok, as it is a more recent fluid... Since I only flushed 1 qt, there will still be old fluid in the system, so I’d better flush another quart. Maybe then that will quiet it as its even noisier now (likely is air in the line). Next on my list of maintenance items to try and screw up is the trans fluid getting siphoned out through the dipstick. I’ve got 8 qts of Mercon LV to use, will try and siphon out, refill, drive, siphon out, refill, drive... maybe 2.5 times of doing that. Won’t change it all but should get it roughly 50% renewed. (10 qt capacity)
  12. 14AWD3.5

    Transmission Fluid change.

    I plan on trying the transfer siphon pump thru the dipstick tube approach. Already bought 5 qts of Mercon LV and the $17 hand pump (which I see from YTube is likely the same as the HF version for $7). Anyway, despite wasting $10 (I could have gotten another qt of Mercon...) I hope to get appx 3 qts out of the pan that way, refill, drive about 10 miles, then do it again with the last 2 qts. Thats not 50% due to mixing old and new but its still a decent start at it. Dealer wanted $225 plus tax so about $245 to do a flush, I’d rather just do it over time myself. I will report back next week when its done.
  13. Hi again, I’m thinking its the use of the wrong ps fluid. I had used O'Reilley's generic “Ford approved” fluid, 1 qt worth. That drained and refilled the reservoir 3-4 times. Now 8K later I thought I’d see if using a motocraft Mercon LV ATF would improve anything. I performed the same pump out and refill, turning wheels lock to lock about 5 times each drain and fill, for a total of 4X, which was just over 1 qt. However, even reading the specifcations page in the manual theres no fluid capacity listed for the p steering. Kinda’ stumped. So anyone know how many qts are needed to fully flush out the system?
  14. From the carcomplaints.com site, dated Feb 15, 2020: Saw this today, apparently no recourse for the owners who sued due to the internal waterpump failures causing complete engine replacement: FORD DURATEC LAWSUIT OVER WATER PUMPS MAY BE ENDING Ford Duratec engine class action lawsuit was dismissed, but the judge may allow it to be refiled. By David A. Wood , CarComplaints.com Posted in News So apparently the judge dismissed all 55 claims from the plaintiffs but said she would possibly consider it being refiled. Probably nothing will come of it. I just posted it for those who have had or are wondering about the issue. i couldn’t get the headline resized down.