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Climate Control and AC

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So, 2016 Sport with NAV.


When I turn on the climate control using the Auto Button (hard button) The power, auto and AC lights all light. I can turn off the AC (hard button again) and the power and auto stay on. Using the power button to turn the climate control on/off brings back the last set of settings. AC on or off. If I power on with the power button and the AC light is off, hitting the auto button turns the AC on?


I know this is confusing but the book states use auto, set temp and don't worry about it. So I am trying to figure out if I need the AC on or off in auto, seems like it is my decision? I thought when I turned off the AC it would drop out of auto mode but it did not. I tried setting the temp really high to see if AC would turn off, it doesn't.


Is this system working correctly?



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The A/C button just turns the compressor on or off - it stays in auto mode. The system uses the A/C even in cold weather to dehumidify the air and prevent fogging. There is no reason to turn it off. If it gets too cold it will turn off the compressor automatically. Just leave it in Auto and change the set temp as needed and don’t worry about it. You’re not getting cold air just because it shows A/C on.

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