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Subtle horn chirp after arming

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OK, got something that is bugging me. 2007 Edge SEL with factory alarm added. When I hit the lock button on my key the doors lock, no horn honk like normal. After about 10 seconds though it gives a subtle little honk. Low enough that if you started walking away you have to stop and ask "Was that my car?" Lol. If I hit the lock button twice the horn honks and lights flash to confirm everything is locked, like normal. About 3 seconds later though I get that same subtle honk. What in the world is that? It's not the same duration as confirmation honk, doesn't flash any lights, doesn't pulse any locks. I assume it has to do with the factory alarm. My wife's 2007 SE doesn't have the factory alarm and acts normal. If it's the alarm confirming it's armed or something, so be it. I just want to know why it's honking at me.




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Figured it out. If anyone else comes across this the chirp is when the dealer add on alarm system arms. It chirps as soon as the LED lights up. If you put it in valet mode it doesn't do that. The more you know.

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